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Sony teases Crash Bandicoot once more

Activision has said that it still owns the Crash Bandicoot IP, yet Sony continue to tease. 

The latest tease comes from PlayStation Brazil, which says when translated "Crash Wants A Hug," with the text on the picture saying something along the lines of "Live in a State of Play."

We honestly have no idea what this could relate to. But given that it's not the first time Sony has teased Crash - remember that video? We are sure Sony are up to something.

What do you think?

Edited On 26 Nov, 2013

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Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 3 years ago
Maybe sony are releasing the original Crash games in HD like what they are doing with the oddworld games.
karlo87's avatar
karlo87 3 years ago
All this hype and speculation will be the death of me
Soulless Ninja's avatar
Soulless Ninja 3 years ago
Okay here's the thing : Activision still own the Crash IP but have done pretty much nothing with it since Mind Over Mutant and That was over 5 YEARS AGO so what the hell are they holding out for exactly?. They need to cut their losses,sell the IP back to Naughty Dog (Where it belongs also it won't be in fucking limbo) and continue to milk to shit out of all the other existing/new IPs they own because let's face it no one wants Crashlanders infinity...................EVER -_-
Daddy, Daddy's Cool's avatar
Daddy, Daddy's Cool 3 years ago
Could be wrong, but I have a feeling it's more than likely to be a PSVita version.
Artemisthemp's avatar
Artemisthemp 3 years ago
Crash 1-3 HD + Racer = Awesome

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