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PS4 error codes listed

Fingers crossed it won't happen to you, but if you are unfortunate enough to receive a error code on your PS4, then Sony has released a list to show what they mean.

Here's the list, although please note that the top code has been added by OPM.

PS4 Error Codes

E-82305f13 This seems to affect users ability to access shared images and join party chat. The fix so far seems to be logging out of PSN via Settings and then back in.

CE-33179-3 Application is not found. Retry after the installation is completed.

Installation of Add-Ons fails until the installation of application installation is complete.

CE-33991-5 Get the status of the non HTTP_GET_200 in Internet connection. Retry Internet Connection test.

CE-34788-0 This update file cannot be used. Connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 1.50 or later. Delete the Update file from the USB storage device, and replace it with the update for reinstallation found from this page.

CE-34878-0 Application has crashed. Restart the application in the content area.

NW-31484-0 DNS server not specified. Restart the PS4 system.

NW-31367-0 Could not open wireless device. Restart the PS4 system.

NW-31453-6 Delayed server response. Try Internet connection test at [Settings] > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection]. Check that the internet status is valid.

NW-31194-8 Connection was reset. Restart the PS4 system.

E-8200002E The credit card information is not valid. Remove credit card from account, and then re-enter the credit card information. Refer to Add / Remove Billing Information.

E-82000102 Server returned “Unknown Error” Try again. If the error happens on PS Store, close the store and retry. If the error persists, exit store and Sign-out and Sign-in to PSN at [Settings] > [PSN].

Chances are that you'll have no issues with your PS4, but it's always nice to think ahead just incase, don't you think?

Edited On 27 Nov, 2013

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Speedy Gonzales's avatar
Speedy Gonzales 3 years ago
Is this mostly on the earliest of delivered consoles? Because that's what I think. So it's probably better to get them later on?

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