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Resogun Review

Housemarque designed one of the most addictive arcade PS3 games for the last generation, known as Super Stardust. If you haven’t played it then you probably should. To be honest I wasn’t too sure how the team would top such a brilliant game with its PS4 debut title, Resogun, but somehow it’s managed to do just that.

It goes without saying that Resogun is a stunning looking game, in fact it should probably come with a warning that it makes your eyes bleed. Having played most of the 'AAA' launch titles now I can confidently say that none of them impressed me more than this game. Interesting then then that it's not only a download only title, but is free for PlayStation Plus members.

The premise of Resogun is quite simple. It’s an old style arcade shooter reworked for the next generation. The world it lives on is a large round sphere, with enemies made out cubes. As you blow them out of space, these same enemies explode into tiny pieces. In this respect, the more enemies on screen, the more carnage you'll create with these explosions, seeing thousands of tiny particles flying out towards the screen, both obscuring your vision of the action and at the same time, impressing you and anyone watching with the high level of detail and quite stunning visual effects.

It’s not all about the graphics of course, as there is a deep level of difficulty involved in Resogun. Sure it starts off easy enough as you try to fly around the sphere in order to take down the evil ‘keepers’ and rescue the captured humans from their jail cell. However as you shoot down the few enemies that are present, even more begin to appear, until the screen is full of hazards, all of which are preventing you from getting to the ailing humans whose life hangs in the balance for every second they are apart from you.

It can be quite difficult to save the humans as you generally only have a set amount of time to take out the keepers and sometimes you even have to destroy them in a specific order, which makes for a frantic dash to blow them to smithereens - as if the game wasn’t already frantic enough. Once you eventually rescue the humans, you then have the problem of getting them to their escape pod, which on occasion can be just as difficult as rescuing them in the first place.

With all of this going on, thankfully gameplay in Resogun is simple to get to grips with, seeing you scroll either to left or right and up and down the beautifully detailed sphere. Given that it is an arcade shooter, enemies will come at you from all angles, so the ability to dodge out of their way with skill and precision is essential, especially in the later levels when there is little room to manoeuvre due to laser beams, gun fire and all sorts of other obstacles blocking your path.

As you’d expect the levels come packed with power-up’s which range from a shield to improved weapons, bombs and overdrive. The former obviously explain themselves, while bombs, which are limited in nature, make a return from Super Stardust, wiping out everything on the screen. Overdrive is the newbie here, taking a while to charge, but once it does you can use it to slow down time and fire a powerful beam in any direction, which will destroy everything in site. This is obviously very handy if you are in a bit of a jam.

Being a shooter, it goes without saying that one of the main aims of Resogun is to build a high score and boast about it to your friends. In this respect you are able to gain multipliers during each stage by building chains. This is done by defeating enemies and rescuing the humans, which if you’re playing correctly you are obviously doing anyway, so just make sure you do it well.

Resogun comes with a choice of three ships, each with their own abilities, however no matter which you use, getting through the five levels will not be easy. As you’d expect there are a wide range of difficulty levels to choose from, but even the lower levels of skill require a lot of concentration.

Unfortunately there is no local co-op mode in Resogun, but you can take part in online co-op, which helps mix things up a little. Perhaps in the future Housemarque may find a way to add an offline mode, but considering the quality on offer here, there is not really any cause for complaint.

Although I've spent time gushing about the graphics, I just wanted to point out that the sound is just as impressive. The game comes with a thumping soundtrack, while the effects as you take down enemies is just as good. A special call out must go to the Dualshock 4 though which houses the voice of your on-board computer, who calls out from the speaker when ever a 'Keeper' is present. The first time you hear this you'll be very impressed.

Resogun is the sort of game that’ll keep you hooked for months on end. Not only does it look beautiful and highly detailed, but it’s fun and addictive to play too. It’s always nice to sit down with a high budget game and lose yourself in a huge adventure, however when you’ve only got a spare fifteen minutes here and there, nothing will fill that gap better than Housemarque’s Resogun.

Words by Joe Anderson
@_wotta | PSN/Xbox LIVE: wotta

(Version Tested: PS4)


+ Looks Stunning
+ Highly Addictive
+ Really Challenging
+ Fantastic Music


- No Local Multiplayer

Edited On 28 Nov, 2013

( 13 )
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
It's one of them games I'd like to have a go on, use to love these types of shooters way back in the day but not the sort of game I buy a "Next Generation" console for.
RTLF's avatar
RTLF 3 years ago
What's your point?
humph's avatar
humph 3 years ago
this looks really good and as for next gen consoles its free if you have playstation plus so why not play it
Datastatic's avatar
Datastatic 3 years ago
I like the fact that ShopTo won't send PS4 early to customers but the people that work there are sat at home playing on theirs under the pretence of being 'Journalists'. Well done.
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
I like that the best game on PS4 is a jazzed up retro game.
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
@ RTLF .. My point is exactly what I said, this is not the type of game I buy a next generation console for. I'm not knocking people if they like it, we are all different but it's not "my thing" @ Gloria ... Most review sites have said it's the PS4 best launch title, once again if you like this sort of game then you will be very happy, just not for me though.
RTLF's avatar
RTLF 3 years ago
@Old Timer, please not with the old "game to buy a console for" spiel, its an irrelevant attempt to find a negative. The question is, if you had the console, would you buy this game?(even then you'd get it for free with PS+ so even better). I don't think anyone has or is getting a PS4 just for this game but the fact it exists and can be attained for free is only a positive. @Gloria, common sense calls for some perspective here, its not really the best game on PS4, lets see it get the same high ratings when you've had to pay £50 for it. It is the best next gen "indie" game... and yes, the best next gen game so far is Mario World :)
Old Timer's avatar
Old Timer 3 years ago
@ RTLF ... I picked my PS4 up last night at GAME and unless I'm mistaken if you are not a PS+ customer ( I only will use the PS4 for single player games ) you don't get it for free and it's definitely not a game I'd pay for, just not my cup of tea. So if you or anyone else like this type of game, then great, right up your street, because I don't you say it's an "Irrelevant attempt at a negative" errrrmmm ok lol
bingo81's avatar
bingo81 3 years ago
This is not a game that i would buy, but got it as a PS+ subscriber, which is well worth it in my opinion even if you don't play online just for free games, even more so if you kept your PS3. But i downloaded this and played it, the game is so addictive and i don't usually go for games like this. It's also great fun.
jipples's avatar
jipples 3 years ago
With the PS4 you can have a free 14 day trial for playstation plus, so I can't see what's stopping someone from just downloading it during their 14 days free and then not continuing their subscription.
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Because the games are only playable if you have an active PS+ subscription.
CT Fletcher's avatar
CT Fletcher 3 years ago
I really didn't expect much from this game at all, but in all honesty, I'm totally addicted to it . As you progress the levels just get more and more intense, really good fun. Bonus that its FREE for PS+ subscribers.
RTLF's avatar
RTLF 3 years ago
@ Old Timer, you misunderstand. Fair enough if you wouldn't buy the game, I was just saying the question you should be answering is "would you buy the game if you had the console?" as opposed to "would you buy the console for the game?".... I think its become a bad habit (especially since the WiiU and Vita) for people to judge a game by whether they'd buy the console for it. I think its an irrelevant thing to say as there are hardly any games that on their own justify a console purchase...

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