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PlayStation 4 is fastest selling console in UK history *update*

Update: It's being reported by MCV that the PlayStation 4 sold over 250,000 units in the 48 hours from launch. Impressive indeed and in fact MCV estimates that UK PS4 sales reached approximately £87m already.

Xbox One sold in the region of 150k units in its first 48 hours on sale, meaning that both have already got a larger install based that the Wii U which launched a year ago.

Original: As expected, today it's been confirmed that the PlayStation 4 has become the fastest-selling console in the UK history.

Chart-Track has announced that PS4 surpassed PSP’s sales record of 185,000 units sold at launch, although no concrete figures for the PS4 have been announced.

We expect that we may hear of a few more broken records for PS4 before the day is out.

Congratulations to Sony and the PS4.

Edited On 02 Dec, 2013

That's why my order is still processing since Friday ! :) Please have it shipped ASAP SHOPTO !
Vergu 9 months ago
@vergu sorry to heare that. Come on SHOPTO ship his console out to him. Thanks to SHOPTO for my console being delivered on launch.
SB_NextGen7 9 months ago
PSN SB_NextGen add me if u like peeps
SB_NextGen7 9 months ago
Inb4 Anthony says it all lies and the Xbone sold faster.
JoeToots 9 months ago
Any idea when you are getting updated stock for me and my friends orders which are on back order at the moment! thanks
Aherne 9 months ago
Just backorderd my ps4 killzone bundle along with Knack, i cant wait to get this heading to my door :)
Christopher 9 months ago
It is good that Xbox is behind PS4, as then MS will do whatever to get Xbox ONE Number ONE - freebies galore. They have already given away FIFA /FORZA for free, and then Killer Instinct and Xbox ONE consoles to selected people. I wonder what will be next? I also wonder what people are doing now after a weekend playing the PS4 - Gone back to PS3 or looking to get a Xbox ONE? I bet most people who buy a PS4 will get a Xbox ONE so they can have more games to play, but those who bought a Xbox ONE will not be thinking of getting a PS4 for a long time, as there are plenty games to get on it, to keep people busy for ages.
superniceguy 9 months ago
Can You atleast update us on when we can expect to get orders completed , Soon is not an answer We can use. I keep hopeing for somekind of news regarding this :/
JENS 9 months ago
@Tony "I also wonder what people are doing now after a weekend playing the PS4 - Gone back to PS3 or looking to get a Xbox ONE? " Tony, are you for real???!!! I got my PS4 on Friday, and I can assure you of 2 things: 1. I was a 360 player last gen, so no PS3 for me, and 2. DEFINITELY not going to X1. You want to see free games? I could have bought my PS4 as a single unit with no games, come home, plugged it in, and been playing up to one of 5 free games straight away. Resogun, Contrast, DCUO, Warframe and War thunder, all free, out of the box. And I can assure you, these freebies are not part of some Damage control, like MicroShafts are. FIFA & Forza were only offered after the DRM & online check fiasco made them crap their pants. I like freebies, but more so when they are there for service enhancement and competition, not damage control.
Daddy, Daddy's Cool 9 months ago
Just to let you all know, if you ordered the PS4 in the last month or longer, you can't realistically expect it to be delivered by Christmas. It's at no fault of ShopTo, every other online retailer is exactly the same. It's your own fault for being a dumbass and thinking that buying the most popular console in history a couple weeks before Christmas would entitle you to next day delivery.
SAMI 9 months ago
Ordered mine yesterday how long is the list and it says Xmas delivery
William 9 months ago
@SAMI I completely agree, however sticking a giant GUARANTEED FOR CHRISTMAS sticker on their background isn't the smartest move if they can't actually promise this. They must be reasonably confident they can deliver this if they've gone out of their way to promote it.
Daniel 9 months ago
Other than resogun, all those other free games can be played on a PC already, and Contrast is also on Xbox 360. I have DCUO on PS3 and PC. In the end they are not all that great being free, as free anyway, but games like FIFA and FORZA being free save you £45-£50. Microshaft? Really?? MS are selling their 1st party games for £45, yet Sony are selling theirs for £55. In the US all games are the same price, but why is Sony (in EU) selling theirs £10 more than MS? Whose shafting who now?
superniceguy 9 months ago
"Not all that great being free". I think that depends on opinion and preference. Resogun has had more playtime from me than any other, including Dead Rising 3 and Killzone, etc. Whether you like it or not, the PS4 has a lot to offer people even if some of those games are available via the PC. There are many people who have Xbox One's who are looking to buy a PS4 in the future and vice versa or some that even feel the PS4 being the more "powerful" console, there is no need for an Xbox One. As for pricing, if you look around different retailers, I've seen PS4 titles set at the same price as Xbox One titles but I think they're both overpriced considering last gen was £40 and that was already more than enough to pay for a single game. I really am enjoying both consoles but I can't help feel PS4 is offering the better value for money here with the PS+ service and the games coming over the next few months/years with that service. Resogun and Contrast alone are £12 each, along with having the Vita and PS3 still being updated with free titles monthly, it's pretty great. Will admit I'm looking forward to games with Gold for Xbox One though and competition between the two will be great.
Ash 9 months ago
Ash hit the nail on the head.
JoeToots 9 months ago
I was not saying the games were not great, just that the games are free and anyway and you save nothing. With Forza and FIFA you save £45-£50. So the FIFA/FORZA being free over free games is what is great. The PS4 may be the more powerful console but I bet the developers will code for the Xbox ONE and just port the same to PS4 without much alteration. It is what EA have done to most of their PC games - Dead Space 3 only uses DX9 and not 10 or 11, the PC version of FIFA 14 does not have IGNITE which PS4 and Xbox ONE has. The only time they make use of the consoles own power is when the games are released late and trying to get people to buy them eg Wii Us Need for Speed Most Wanted. I would not put it past Sony to remove the AAA free games from PS+, and just be left with Arcade games like MS Games with Gold, now that you have to pay to play games online. Drive Club for £55 was intended to be free for PS+, but got replaced with Contrast £11.99. Currently I see no reason for a PS4, but a Xbox ONE (and Wii U) will cover all bases. There is nothing at PS4 launch that makes me want a PS4, that I can not get on elsewhere, and nothing coming either. Xbox ONE has way more varied games to choose for it. Dead Rising 3, Ryse and Forza 5 is certainly much more worthwhile than Killzone which is just a lame Battlefield or Call of Duty wannabe, and Knack is just plain average.
superniceguy 9 months ago
You tell 'em turniphead.
Gloria 9 months ago
I want some news on updating ps4 stock. Seeing as I ordered mine a couple weeks ago, it said garanteed for Christmas. So therefore I expect it before then. After all I paid a wad of cash.
Christopher D 9 months ago
Considering we're already seeing an improvement just on resolution alone for PS4 versions of Multiplatform games, it seems they might develop for the PS4 and just down-res it for the Xbox one but it could go the opposite way, too, yes. Please don't take anything I say as an attack on either console, I'm just trying to view all sides. Multiplatform aside, PS4 does have many exclusives in the works and I think that's what will count for both consoles; their exclusives. Many that haven't even been announced yet for the PS4 so I'm sure something will catch your eye somewhere down the line. A console should not be bought based off Launch titles as we spend 5+ years with these things and getting a free game at Launch such as Forza and/or Fifa is nothing in comparison to PS+ as they'll be providing free games next month and the months after that, not that Forza and Fifa aren't great games to have free so I'm not complaining, just seeing it as a "long term" thing. I may have gotten bored by next month of Forza but will be looking to play the new games PS+ provides as I think many other people are looking at it the same way. The amount of value you get in return in comparison to the one game you get free on Xbox is pretty wide. And no, DriveClub has not been dropped from PS+, only delayed. They have confirmed the game will be released on PS+ upon it's release, please don't throw around false information. Sony confirmed triple A games will be coming to PS4 once they have enough backlog, if they don't hold word to that then I can understand your criticism but until then it's hard to judge and not to mention comparing indie games to "arcade games" considering their popularity with consumers right now, some are really fun to play and I don't think you should be so judgemental on them (or so it seems that way), they're working out for the current consoles/handhelds rather well. If the Xbox One goes the 360 route, we'll most likely see many, many shooters in the long run and I'm hoping that isn't the case, variety is good. PS3 had a wide variety of different genres over the Xbox 360 from what I have seen, especially considering their first party Japanese developers and Santa Monica Studios/Naughty dog, etc. So I think you'll find a Wii U+PS4 combination is actually more appealing to many people right now over an Xbox One+Wii U if you wish to touch on all bases. If they cater to your wants/needs, then that is great. Given the money, you should do which suits you best as everyone else should but I think you're shooting the PS4 down solely based on launch titles, they only just released a week ago (give or take) and given Sony has more first party developers than anyone right now, it'll likely continue to be very strong for the PS4 for years to come in which it will appeal to a wider audience so I can totally see why it's outselling the other consoles as of right now and possibly continue to do so in the future. Here's hoping all consoles do well though and I think Microsoft are really going to push themselves to get back on top this gen which is great and more than anything, I definitely wish to see the Wii U gain more sales because, well, it's Nintendo. I love Nintendo games, man. They're always fun!
Ash 9 months ago
My apologies for the wall of text.
Ash 9 months ago
Just ignore TONY. He hates Son has a blind love in for MS. He will also go on about how he wanted one with third party Watch Dogs but just leave him be. @Tony. Dont comment on Knack and Killzone before you have even played them, or I could just say Ryse is a boring pretty game, DR3 is an ugly mess that lasts 3 hours and Forza is toned down rush job ;)
DynamiteWhyte 9 months ago
@DynamiteWhyte Oh, I see. I don't read the comment section much unless I come across an article that interests me enough to read/post comments. If I'd of known Tony had something against the Playstation platform as a whole, I would have moved along. He has his tastes and opinions, just don't wish to see false or inaccurate information being tossed around plus it's nice to have a little debate between everyone once in awhile. Have you bought any of new consoles DynamiteWhyte? How are you enjoying them?
Ash 9 months ago
I have the PS4. Love the quickness of it really. Have been working on not being destroyed on Knack on Hard, while playing Need4Speed as a racer. Love it so far. Girlfriend has my PS3 now so get a shout every 20 minytes to help her on Lego Harry Potter lol. Big fan of the podcasts btw.
DynamiteWhyte 9 months ago
I hear you, the silky smooth UI is definitely great and just feels so much more enjoyable than previous consoles. I've not played a ton yet on many of the other games past Resogun but I do have Knack and Killzone. The shopto Podcasts? I really enjoy them, too. They're definitely becoming more fun and enjoyable to listen to as each episode is released, the shopto team seem more relaxed during recording as time passes which is great.
Ash 9 months ago
Ah, I thought you were Ash from podcasts lol. Nevermind that. But yeah, I think the UI could still be improved (Having the option of having a games folder instead of just all games on XMB thing would be perfect) but it is lovely and quick.
DynamiteWhyte 9 months ago
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