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PS4 Mega bundle unboxing

The PlayStation 4 is here and to celebrate Colin decided to take it out of the box.

I'm pretty sure he's excited about unboxing his console given that he calls it a big box twice and also gets excited about 'printed materials'. How Nice.

If you've never seen a PS4 box before then this is probably essential viewing. 

He sure loves that printed material.

Edited On 02 Dec, 2013

Hi ya, u guy's gonna be getting this pack in again? This is the pack I want rrp 429! dont want these silly bundle packs that are available!
Davin 1 year ago
Oh yeah. I did an unboxing of this too. Except mine was more rambling than anything else. Yours is so much better.
Robichoico 1 year ago
I didn't bother unboxing mine, just sold it on for a little profit.
Gloria 1 year ago
You did an unboxing of something you don't even sell, well done!
Kishan 1 year ago
Loved unboxing mine on Friday. Great job Shopto
STEVEN 1 year ago
I would have loved to have unboxed mine but DPD made a balls up and delivered it somewhere that is not here, i now have to wait for them to do an investigation while someone else sits enjoying my PS4.....or the profits from it! :(
minceypies1981 1 year ago
@david Sorry to hear that mate, that's a real shitty situation. Have they given you any timescales?
Daddy, Daddy's Cool 1 year ago
all sorted now, my replacement arrived on Tuesday i'm glad to say although it was a frustrating week trying to get it sorted out ;)
minceypies1981 1 year ago
mortal kombat
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