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Destiny details leak from latest Game Informer

The latest issue of Game Informer had Bungie's upcoming title, Destiny, on the front cover and the resultant content has taught us something new things about the game.

VG247 got the info, revealing that the game will include three classes – Hunter, Titan and Warlock, all of whom can equip the same guns, although armour sets will be tethered to specific classes. 

In addition, each class can also be given a 'special focus,' which includes the likes of weapon stat bonuses, the ability to double jump, teleport, earn new grenade types and use a selection of special moves. 

So far, settings within the game include Old Russia on Earth, the Vex Citadel on Venus, the Moon and Mars. You’ll also encounter several alien enemies across these environments such as pirates, the Fallen, the Hive and a robot force known as the Vex. There are plenty more too.

Finally, the game will also include new online features such as campaign co-op, raid and strike modes and deathmatch events.

The latest Game Informer is out now. You can subscribe in the UK via iOS and Android.

Edited On 04 Dec, 2013

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