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New PS Move design appears online

Sony seems to have filed a patent for an improved version of the PS Move controller.

The design was originally registered as the ‘Flat Joystick Controller’ in June 2012, however new documents have now appeared online showing images and more.

The description says that the new peripheral is “A controller device to interface with a computer gaming system includes a body having a handle and an object disposed at one end of the handle. A touch surface is disposed on one side of the handle. The touch surface has an indicator that is identified by a surface characteristic on the touch surface. The touch surface provides an area for receiving directionality control in response to interfacing by a finger of a user.

“In addition to the touch surface, a plurality of buttons are disposed on the body. A circuitry is disposed in the body of the controller. The circuitry is configured to receive data indicative of a directionality control and transmit the data to a game console for impacting an action by a program executing on the computer gaming system.”

What do you think? Could this be the PS4 version of the PS Move since it includes a touch controller. Are you even interested in PS Move anymore or did you like it the first time around? Let us know you thoughts below.

Edited On 10 Dec, 2013

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Bindiana's avatar
Bindiana 3 years ago
I thought the PS4 controller was supposed to act as a move controller or did I just imagine that?
Burner's avatar
Burner 3 years ago
I was under the impression that current move tech would work on the PS4. I'll have to check that out once I get home.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
It looks like an electric toothbrush with a light on top.
jaijai's avatar
jaijai 3 years ago
If that touchpad is on the top ,its stupid Not that i like motion control gaming

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