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Peggle 2 Review

For this new generation, one of the most anticipated titles was not a driving game or one that involves killing thousands of people but a game that involves a very friendly unicorn and his magical pegs.

Peggle is a hyper mix of two end of the pier arcade classics, pinball and the top half of a shove penny machine, currently back in vogue what with Ben Shephard’s Tipping Point, which made that short delay of Peggle 2 a little more bearable. Peggle was one of PopCap's standout titles delivering simple yet addictive gameplay and with Peggle 2 it is a case of more of the same which is a really good thing with you again shooting your ball from the top of the screen and patiently waiting, swearing and shouting as it bounces and pings across the screen, deactivating the pegs before it hits the bottom, ready for your next shot. If you are lucky (or skilled) the ball may land in the bucket that sweeps across the bottom of the screen, granting not only an extra shot but also a sweet little score bonus and with this simple premise you are hooked; minutes turn into hours with the levels being quick and addictive and are constantly adding a just one more go feeling.

Though the gameplay is simple, the devil is in the design with the game placing orange pegs obstructed by loads of blue begs in different positions each time making it even harder for you to get those elusive high scores. As you progress you fly through the first few worlds with relative ease, moving on from Bjorn the unicorn and meeting some all new Peggle Masters each with their own magical powers like Jeff the troll and his boulder cannon shot or Berg and his rather cool ability to make the screen slippery with ice, causing pegs to actually move and ricochet off one another, adding an all new snooker style element to your shots planning.

Even though getting to the end of each of the Peggle Masters land is relatively easy there are plenty of challenges to keep the game fresh, with each level also having a set of side missions along the lines of cleaning the screen of pegs or beating a high score, each one requiring slightly different tactics to complete them. As you finish each land you also unlock an assortment of trials which test your skills with trick shots, multi peg hits and style shots.

What I love most about Peggle 2 is that even though mainly a single player game, it is very much a spectator game as well with anyone in the room offering advice and wincing and celebrating just as if it was their own shots. There is an online element with Peggle 2 but it feels suspiciously unfinished with only one game mode allowing up to four players to try to score the most. With ten balls each to use, each player fires each set of balls together, with the game then totting up the current score; making the fight to first place even tenser. Use of the various pegs is vital to win here, utilising the purple score boosts, orange multipliers and magical powers to lift the scores even more. If you are sneaky enough you can also wait a few seconds and watch the other players in a picture in picture view to watch their shots and work out a better approach.

Peggle 2 is a perfect pocket money title, offering hours of fun and addictive gameplay with a decent enough multiplayer mode.

As a footnote the Kinect does make an appearance but sadly it does not want to work my region, again another feeling that this game is not the full finished title, though whether these shortcomings will be added at a cost at a later date I do not know.

Words by Ash Buchanan.

(Version Tested: Xbox One)


+ Plenty of trails and challenges to beat.
+ Great family couch game even though mainly single player.


- Online does occasionally suffer from slowdown and frame freezing.

Edited On 12 Dec, 2013

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Whitey's avatar
Whitey 3 years ago
Looking forward to the PC release. Also, didn't even know it had an online mode, could be quite fun.

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