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Minecraft finally hits PS3 from December 17

Mojang has announced that Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will arrive on PSN for download on December 17.

All versions of the game have already sold millions, but if for some reason you own a PS3 and have not yet played it, then you'll finally be able too.

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will be available to download from PSN on December 17th in North America and with the European version arriving the day after. 

Mojang also confirmed that Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition and Minecraft: PS Vita Edition are also being developed, although added to expect those versions sometime next year.

In order to stop people worrying about this version of Minecraft, being an inferior version, Mojang also posted some Q&A questions.

Here they are:

Q: Does Minecraft: PS3 Edition feature everything from the other versions of Minecraft?

Minecraft: PS3 Edition comes with everything present in other console versions. They’re pretty much identical to play, and will be developed in tandem from now on.

Q: Will Minecraft: PS3 Edition feature DLC texture packs and skins?

Downloadable skins and texture packs will be available from PSN soon after release.

Q: Will there be PlayStation-specific content?

PlayStation-specific skins and texture packs would be cool! Fingers crossed, eh?

Q: Will Minecraft: PS3 Edition feature Remote Play or compatibility with the PS4 or PS Vita editions?

We don’t know yet, sorry. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Q: Does Herobrine feature in Minecraft: PS3 Edition?

Probably not.

So there we go. After a very long wait, PlayStation fans can now play Minecraft. How exciting.

Edited On 16 Dec, 2013

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robioto's avatar
robioto 3 years ago
I already own the 360 and PC version but I prefer playing on the console as most of my mates have it. What I'm really waiting for is the PS4 release with bigger maps to play with friends again, the 360 version's are just too small (as will the PS3 version).
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 3 years ago
I'm hoping for a disc release of the game...
kmetek's avatar
kmetek 3 years ago
will it be only on PSN or media too?

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