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Tuesday Chat, December 17

It’s just over a week until Christmas and it’s at this time of year that the memories come flooding back. So what we want to know all about today is your Christmas gaming memories.

What game have you played at this time of year that you have fond memories of? Is there any particular game that you got for Christmas that you still speak of even now?

What are you hoping for out of this Xmas? Perhaps you want a new console, or perhaps you have bought yourself something special?

Let’s Chat!

Edited On 17 Dec, 2013

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Loli-Nox-Tan 2 years ago
Nope and Nope. Always hated Christmas, first you have to wake up early, second you have to spend time with your family (Who you hardly see during the year) & finally you have to eat crappy food
Gloria 2 years ago
Don't really do a lot of gaming at Christmas, might use up the last of my Amazon vouchers to grab Scribblenauts Unlimited for myself, already used about £70 of them on graphic novels, books and DVD box sets for Christmas presents.
iMerle iDixon 2 years ago
Christmas is bloody awful now, it's been around since September and now it's finally the actual time for it I just want it to go away, it's insanely over commercialized, for what is supposed to be a religious holiday.
superniceguy 2 years ago
I play a lot of MMOs around Christmas time, as they get updated with Christmas events. I would avoid SWTOR though, as that game makes you spend more money (even if you sub) on limited time items in the cash shop, whereas other MMOs give out free items, and Everquest 2 gives a free item daily. Banjo Kazooie has a christmasy level in it, which is quite fun to (re)play at this time of year. This chritsmas will be playing Wii with my neice and nephew - Anyone know if the Skylanders from the original release (Spyros Adventure) works with Giants and Swap Force?
Gloria 2 years ago
Bit the bullet and ordered Scribblenauts Unlimited, fingers crossed it'll arrive in time for Christmas, last posting day for second class is tomorrow, so it should do.
iMerle iDixon 2 years ago
I'm 99% sure they do, I'll be getting Swap force in a few days so I'll let you know for sure.
jay.hamilton 2 years ago
My earliest gaming memory , mum got me a snes console with super Mario world , looney tunes, starwing , Christmas when i was 10 years old , first ever console i got , thanks mum

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