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Friday Chat, December 20

It's the Friday before Christmas and also the last day that we'll be updating the website until the new year.

Next week we'll be chilling out with some gaming, family time and some Xmas cheer (read copious amounts of cake/alcohol/food).

So what are you're plans? Do you have some time off? What games are on your to play list and what new titles are you hoping to be playing?

Let's Chat!

Edited On 20 Dec, 2013

Working half, off half. But Merry Christmas and an Excellent New Year to all!
Robichoico 1 year ago
It sure seems quiet around here lately. I haven't been on here much myself to be honest, and probably wont be next week, so just came to wish everyone a merry Christmas and new year :)
Whitey 1 year ago
Only a couple days off for me next week. Plan on having a relaxed one. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
Work's do today (so all dressed up fancy). Last working day is Monday and then I'm off until the 2nd of Jan. I also have a birthday before then, too. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, or anything else you celebrate. If you don't celebrate anything, just have a good week ;-)
Kaysar 1 year ago
Have a great Christmas all, I'm going to be playing Blue Dragon through again over Christmas I think. same as whitey though, don't come on much just wanted to say have a good one!
Pyroloveridge 1 year ago
Merry Christmas everyone :) I'm off out today for a Christmas get together with friends in the city, probably won't be doing much gaming over Christmas, intending on spending my free time reading for a change. It is a bit dead here Whitey, I blame Anthony, without his scintillating conversation to keep things going everything's sort of petered out.
Gloria 1 year ago
Merry Christmas everyone working today and Monday then off to the 2nd of January. Hope to get some gaming in on my week off.
Bindiana 1 year ago
Merry christmas you bunch of whoppers!! i'm working till the 24th then off untill the 2nd i'll most likely play Knack over christmas but first tonight i'm going to watch anchorman 2.
JoeToots 1 year ago
I was planning on getting the DR3 DLC to see me through the holidays but thats been delayed so I may have to spend some time in the company of people... NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
iMerle iDixon 1 year ago
I'll be playing Tales of Xillia over Christmas & I'll most likely be Selling/buying Cards on Steam the whole time
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
I can't see myself doing much gaming over christmas but there are games i want to catch up on so i'll try and fit some time in wherever possible. Im also expecting some new books so i'll have alot to read. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
Baiken_ 1 year ago
I have a PS4 and an Xbox One but, my other half does not like them :( so I will be playing on her Atari Flashback 3!! with her. Still its retro goodness I suppose ha ha.........Merry Christmas and a happy New year to ShopTo peeps and thanks again for all their hard work, especially for sending my next gen purchases to me. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone else, no matter your age, gender, color etc or indeed whatever format you play...:)
Mouseo69 1 year ago
Merry Crimbo everyone, eat, drink and be merry! Will get gaming in when possible but its gonna be a busy period. Off to my xmas work do now and then not back until the 2nd, happy days
RTLF 1 year ago
Shopto have suckered me into buying some more games with there sale looked at games sale and its not very good.
Bindiana 1 year ago
Have a great Christmas and new year everyone. I plan on accepting the friend requests ive had from on here and fitting in some game time on all of the consoles. Of course my kids will probably ensure its Mario/Disney infinity time. :)
csrogue 1 year ago
Have till the 2nd January off now... Now hoping time slows right down
Beazi 1 year ago
Loving the sale, bought a couple of games already, tempted to spend more.
Gloria 1 year ago
Games you got Gloria
JoeToots 1 year ago
Sonic Racing Transformed and NBA 2K13 on Wii U
Gloria 1 year ago
Didn't put you down as a basketball fan Gloria.
JoeToots 1 year ago
I'm not really, but it was only £6 and it's had good reviews so I thought I may as well. If I change me mind before I take the cellophane off I can always stick it on Ebay and make my money back easily.
Gloria 1 year ago
mortal kombat
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