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Minecraft (PS3) Review

By now every computer with a screen has a version of Minecraft on it, much like Tetris when it first came out, the love and pure addictive nature of this title will be around for a very long time so if by chance you were waiting for the PS3 version, (finally arrived over the Christmas week) it turns out the wait was not worth it.

Having already spent some serious time with the Xbox 360 version earlier in the year, then slowly weaning myself off it with NHS prescribed Lego sets, the release of the PS3 version, full of all of the updates that the Xbox has had over its months sent me into a cold sweat, was I really about to venture into the all-encompassing world of Minecraft once again.

The game starts of like every other time, waking up in a strange random world, with nothing but your fists and an incomplete map to hand. The sun is high in the sky and all seems calm in the world, sheep bleating in the distance and a gentle tune drifting through the wind; but i have been here before, I know what happens when darkness falls so without haste my first structure is created, a crude hut made from mud and wood that I have bashed together with my hands. This ramshackle block building will be my safe house for a few day/night cycles, wandering out in daylight to gather more wood to then create tools, allowing me to stop wearing my knuckles to the bone by punching mud and rocks and create axes and picks. Even when night falls, I don’t spend my time in my hut just twiddling my thumbs and freaking out to the unnatural noises occurring from outside as just like the name suggests, you can dig down, an awful long way down, gathering materials like stone and even iron ores to create even better tools, occasionally stumbling across a cave complex, following the twists and turns whilst relying on candlelight to illuminate the otherwise pitch black mazes.

It’s not long before my old habits return, digging and building and fortifying, carefully avoiding the monsters that lurk, only fighting if I really have to and then that’s when it all goes wrong. The game crashes, sending me back to the PS3 dashboard, a hassle but surely thanks to the games auto save I would not have to replay too much? Sadly this is where my actual gameplay review ends as the game appears to have a horrible bug, actually, make that bugs, as like any addict, desperate to try and get another hit I franticly scoured the internet, pleading with the world to help fix my problem, but rather than a helping hand I found forums bursting with a huge list of problems, from missing saves, crashing multiplayer modes and my own issue, the game locking up at the world load screen.

Has Notch and the team taken on one too many projects? Will these issues be fixed? Hopefully time will iron out these problems but for now, I really can’t suggest purchasing this title, as even the lucky ones will have that daunting threat of deleted saves threatening; not cool considering the amount of time that is put into this game. As and when it’s fixed and I have a working copy I will update this review, until then, avoid this game, its broken.

Words by Ash Buchanan.
(Version Tested: PS3)


+ It's Minecraft


- It's Broken

Edited On 03 Jan, 2014

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Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
Its a shame there are some big issues with it, hopefully they will sort them out soon. Looking forward to a release date for the xbox one version.
Hymeleon's avatar
Hymeleon 3 years ago
Mine version never crashed yet. Game has been patched twice already. Only problems I saw: couldn't start local coop (game freezes) and sometime textures dissapear in the world letting me see all the existing underground places. -- There's no such thing as "PS3 dashboard"...

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