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NBA 2K14 continues to have issues

There are three things that have frustrated gamers over the past year or so: always-online, micro-transactions and server issues. NBA 2K14 has all three.

Currently, the servers for 2K’s latest basketball game are down, and have been for a fair number of days, with MyTEAM (2K’s version of Ultimate Team) being the only ‘online’ mode available to play, but even that is sketchy at times. This is just the tip of the iceberg in a long line of issues since it’s release.

NBA 2K14 had reviewed well (here’s our review) often being commended for it’s fantastic gameplay and stunning visuals, but it’s everything that has taken place since it’s launch which has built the growing anger and frustration from those who purchased the game. Bugs, glitches, server issues, patches that have made things worse, modes and save games that have become unplayable or corrupted for unknown reasons; these are just a number of the many problems that consumers have been running in to.

The problem with NBA 2K14 is that almost everything requires a connection to the server in order to be useable. The servers do not effect just the online modes, but also the offline ones such as MyGM or MyCAREER too. Yep, you heard me right, single-player modes require a connection to their servers……is anyone getting some Diablo III/Sim City sweat-inducing flashbacks? The reason? Probably because of their in-game currency, VC. VC revolves around everything. Play a game; earn VC, Improve your MyGM/MyCAREER stats; spend VC. Even purchasing a facility for your team in MyGM mode requires you to spend VC rather than your team’s fictional budget/profit money. The most ridiculous example is that once you start your first MyGM, you can’t even change your team’s starting line-up or rotation until you spend VC, and there are only two ways to get VC; playing games (where it’s given to you in pitiful amounts) or purchasing it in micro-transactions. Utter that to any gamer and it will induce rage and anger that will bring out even the deepest, darkest demons. 2K are literally forcing micro-transactions down your throat whether you like it or not. In NBA 2K13, VC was only used for MyTEAM and MyCAREER, and it seemed suitable in those modes, but spreading it over to all other modes including MyGM in NBA 2K14 may have been one of the worst decisions ever made.

Many, many people have been unable to play MyGM or MyCAREER for some time, myself included (over two weeks now). And the reason for this is? You guessed it! The servers! Even when the servers are online, those with the issue attempting to play their ‘single-player’ modes are being kicked back to the main menu without warning. After some digging, I think I’ve found a reason. Whenever you start a new MyGM or MyCAREER, as well as saving it locally on your console, it also saves it on 2K servers, and this is where the problem begins. You’re only allowed five saved games spread between those two modes, fair enough, but when you delete one of your saves from, for example, your Xbox One while in-game, it’s not being deleted from the 2K servers, and here lies the issue. Go to start up a new one and the 2K server thinks you’ve already got your maximum of five saves and prevents you from saving a new one, therefore kicking you back to the main-menu. Magically, the save game that you just deleted will then re-appear on your list of saved games, but try to open it and you’ll once again be kicked to the main menu. As previously mentioned, this issue of mis-communication between the console and 2K server’s has been known since the game’s release, but with numerous promises to ‘fix’ it and three patches already released with no fix included, many are questioning if 2K know what they’re doing or even care about their fans.

Here’s the ironic thing, 2K have handed out a couple of their ‘Locker Codes’ (codes for free stuff in-game) in the past week or so for free VC and a free pre-game animation as an apology for the continuing issues, but you have to be connected to the server to redeem them………

We have contacted 2K for comment regarding the ongoing issues.

Words by James Grantham.
@JamesGrantham26 | PSN/Xbox LIVE: Redskins2336

Edited On 03 Jan, 2014

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Hugo 3 years ago
Oh yeah...someone saw the chance to speed the sales with many qualities in the game but forgot to finish it before release it. It seems that this kind of problem will happen more often than we would expect. The recent exemples; PES 2014 (and I love PES) and Battlefield 4. Great games shouldn´t mean great headaches, but great fun!

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