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Mobile gaming on the rise at CES

It seems that gaming is starting to get serious on iOS and Android devices as graphics and gameplay improve. In fact there will come a day soon when you'll be able to stream PS4 and Xbox One quality titles to your TV just by using your phone.

In fact, NVidia recently announced its Tegra K1 mobile CPU which is said to not only be capable of running PS3/Xbox 360 quality graphics on mobile, but can even support Unreal Engine 4. So how long will it be before instead of using a console your be using a Sony/Microsoft phone to run your games instead?

It certainly seems like some don't think it'll be too long, such as SteelSeries, which has released a new wireless iOS controller known as ‘Stratus at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

Apparently the Stratus will work with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices running iOS 7.0 and beyond over Bluetooth. It'll support up to four controllers on a single Apple device and has a battery life of up to 10 hours on a two hour charge. 

The Stratus also features pressure-sensitive face and shoulder buttons, analogue sticks and a d-pad. It costs £89.99 and can be purchased from the official SteelSeries website.

So what do you think? Will mobile gaming eventually replace the need for consoles? 

Edited On 06 Jan, 2014

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Steersy's avatar
Steersy 3 years ago
For me mobile gaming won't ever take over the consoles. I can see the appeal of ever better graphics and powerful CPUs, but the size of the screen and the chance to actually use one mean it will always only be a fringe gaming experience for me personally.

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