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EU PS Store update, Jan 8: Don't Starve, AC DLC

This week's PS Store update is in, bringing Don't Starve for free to PS Plus members on PS4.

Also out this week is some new Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag DLC as well as various other DLC, while Vita gets Furmins, King Oddball and Mahjong.

Here's the list.

PlayStation Plus

Don’t Starve (PS4) – 100% discount

PlayStation 4

Don’t Starve: Console Edition

PlayStation 3

AFL Live 2
Canis Canem Edit & GTA San Andreas bundle
GTA3 & GTA VC Bundle
MotoGP13 Compact
The Raven – Legacy of a Masterthief

PlayStation Vita

Furmins + Stardrone Bundle
King Oddball
Mahjong World Contest

PlayStation Mobile

Sola Night
Sola Weather
Fleet Connection
Tiki Rush: Escape from Lava Island


Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – Illustrious Pirates Pack


Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – Illustrious Pirates Pack
Farming Simulator 2013
Just Dance 2014 (x8)
Lego Marvel Super Heroes (x2)
LittleBigPlanet 2 (Cross-Buy) – DC Comics Costume Pack 2
Magic 2014 – Deck Pack 3
Rocksmith 2 (Aerosmith, The Who, Muse, Golden Bomber)
Saints Row 4 – Anime Pack
WWE 2K14 (x4)


LittleBigPlanet 2 (Cross-Buy) – DC Comic Costume Pack 2

Check out all the pricing details and more information on the PS Blog.

Edited On 08 Jan, 2014

Dont starve me not on ps store yet??
VINCE McMAHON 1 year ago
or even Dont starve lol!
VINCE McMAHON 1 year ago
Try finding it via the search bar, that's how I did it
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
yeah it only shows up on the search bar, my psn is hamiltonjay5665 anyone wanna add then feel free
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
Thanks Dave for info i just downloaded it!
VINCE McMAHON 1 year ago
I've had a little play on it, it's a bit mental and it took me a little while to work out WTF I was supposed to do. I have a feeling it will be quite addictive.
Steersy 1 year ago
i played for a while before i realised im not into this type of game, my partner on the other hand loves it
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
Was playing last night and died 1st night. Second attempt, got to day 5 and thought must save and switch off - 2 day cycles later, still playing. Yes, very addictive
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
How long does a day take downloaded it last night but didnt try it out.
Bindiana 1 year ago
about 2 minutes
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
Full cycle I would say is about 10-15 minutes
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
Cheers does sound interesting look forward to giving it a go PS plus is handy at the moment as there is not much out so you give these games a go thought contrast wasnt to bad.
Bindiana 1 year ago
Remember there are no instructions, hints of any kind. it's a bit of a head scratcher to start with
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
Nail on the head there, Dave. I was a little confused at first
Steersy 1 year ago
It was annoying me last night as I only need 1 lump of gold to build the science machine. Could I find any boulders? Could I F!
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
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