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Titanfall 'tough to market' due to lack of single player campaign

One of the Titanfall developers from Respawn Entertainment has said that the company has had a difficulty time when it comes to accurately marketing the game, thanks in part to its lack of a single-player mode. 

Speaking on NeoGaf following news of the game's 12 player online limit, producer Drew McCoy said, "It's actually been really tough trying to accurately market Titanfall. If you look at what we’ve done, its a lot different than what most FPS games do. Without a bunch of highly scripted SP moments to recam from different angles, the usual ‘movie like’ trailer is just about right out.

"Instead, we’ve decided to show unedited gameplay segments that last 3-5 minutes (so far – more footage coming, of course!) to show the "flow" of the game. Starting as a Pilot, taking on AI and other player Pilots, wall running around a Titan, earning your Titan, climbing in, battling other Titans while stomping on humans, ejecting, etc. There’s a huge amount of gameplay mechanics available at any one time, and encompassing them in a few minutes is actually quite hard to do.

"It's also why we took an extremely early pre-alpha build of the game to events like Gamescom, PAX, etc. to let normal dudes hands-on time with the game. There’s no amount of polished marketing that can replace playing the actual game."

Titanfall certainly hasn't had a lack of marketing, thanks to Microsoft buying up the exclusive rights to have first game appear on Microsoft backed consoles and Windows PC. This means PlayStation fans miss out, although it seems like part two will make it's way to PS4 and possibly other formats.

Edited On 13 Jan, 2014

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Matthew 2 years ago
Why is it worth full retail price again?
Daddy, Daddy's Cool 2 years ago
@Matthew I agree. I've long thought they should allow you to pay part price for the part of the game you want to play. Been many titles where i've put the disc in & gone straight for the MP. Leaving it weeks or months before I even look at the SP side. If this is
superniceguy 2 years ago
This is my main reason I am not interested, but if I was getting this game it would be on PC. It seems like it would suit the F2P model.
beeje13 2 years ago
Not getting it I don't think, but if they can put "created by developers of call of duty modern warfare and modern warfare 2" that will definitely attract the attention of the cod players who don't already know. The only problem is, are they legally allowed to say that as its not the same studio, just a few of them who broke off from Infinity Ward. I think it's not going to help that its an unheard franchise, which is a shame really. A demo/public beta would really help too.
Gloria 2 years ago
The CoD crowd are easily distracted, just show them some gameplay without the mechs, it looks almost exactly like CoD, and they'll fall for it.
JoeToots 2 years ago
As soon as starwars battlefront is released all other games will fail, enough said.
JoeToots 2 years ago
I should add that all games apart from battlefield 4 of course.
Gloria 2 years ago
Battlefront is just going to be Battlefield reskinned.

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