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New Car Game early access out now

Next Car Game developer Bugbear Entertainment has released the Early Access build for the game.

If you head over to Steam you’ll find the early access option for £18.99, although you can also pick up a digital deluxe edition for £26.99 that includes an exclusive backer car, wallpaper and the soundtrack, which will all be available at a later date. 

As a little tip for you, if you go through the official website, you can actually pick up both versions for cheaper. We got our Digital Deluxe version from the nextcargame website for just £22, a saving of £5 and since it still includes a Steam key that's probably the way to go.

Just as a note for those expecting a great experience from the early release version, Bugbear have issues a warning, saying that the "Early access phase is meant to give you a chance to experience the game as it progresses through its development cycle, and the game is still at an early stage.

"As such, it does contain missing features and nasty bugs. Developing the game together with the players gives us a lot more creative freedom, and you get to communicate with the development team to make sure we’re making the all-out racing game that you want."

We think that £22 doesn't seem too bad, it'll be a lot more expensive this Spring when the game actually arrives. It's up to you if you want to pay now and save some cash or just wait for the full release.

Edited On 15 Jan, 2014

I think these early access is a really bad proposition. You pay for an Alpha stage game that you know is full of holes, may not get finished and I also think this will set a dangerous precedent with other developers just slapping a Early Access sticker on buggy unfinished games. Count me out
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
I think you are missing the point. Early Access is for people that want to be involved in the games development, if you want to wait till the actual release then do that cos no one if forcing you to buy it
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
I realise that Nox, and used in the right way it probably is a good idea, I just think others may jump on the band-wagon and use it as easy get out for rushed, unfinished games
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
I don't see anyway somebody could do that for the console market & even if they did I'm sure that they wouldn't get away with it
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
Oh Nox, have you never heard of Bethesda??!! I agree with Dave, it sets a terrible precedent for developers to charge consumers (us) for what is essentially doing a beta trial for them. WTF is that all about? Beta trials should be free. Besides, they still release games chock full of bugs that testers report in beta trials anyway and then never get round to fixing them in constant patches!
Cheeky Monkey 1 year ago
mortal kombat
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