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Forza Horizon 2 outed by Ultima Sports?

Ultima Sports Ltd, an English sports car manufacturer based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, has just revealed that it has just signed a new contract with Microsoft for their cars to be included in a "new video game to be launched later in 2014".

The Facebook post has now been removed, but in all likelihood it seems that this will relate to Forza Horizon 2, unless of course Microsoft is planning a new Project Gotham Game (yes please).

Ultima Sports cars already appeared in previous Forza games such as Forza 4 and Forza 5.

Would you like to see Forza Horizon 2 or would you prefer a new Project Gotham game?

Edited On 17 Jan, 2014

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beeje13's avatar
beeje13 3 years ago
I personally would love a new PGR, I prefer arcade, and thats why i'm looking forward to driveclub. Whatever it is I doubt it would be called horizon 2. The idea behind the original horizon name was because it was showing what forza is looking like on the horizon (next gen forza 5) with the upgraded car models, albeit only in 720p30 compared to 1080p60 with forza 5. * I think
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Whatever happened to the 2 new PGRs that were being developed by MS and Sony simultaneously?
ApriliusIV's avatar
ApriliusIV 3 years ago
forza horizon was the last xbox 360 game i played before i made the jump to next gen and i kinda miss it, i am thrilled to see it return
Anonymous user's avatar
ANDREW 3 years ago
Please please please let this be true , horizon was the perfect Combo of sim and arcade , that and burnout paradise my two favourite racing games of last gen

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