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Warframe patch arrives for PS4

A new update has been released for Warframe on PS4, adding in new weapons and a whole lot more.

Check out the details below.

Patch Notes:

New Warframe: OBERON – the Paladin Warframe!

- New Forest Tile set reveal! Within the Cicero Crisis Event node on Earth is a first look at the new Forest tileset!
- Corpus Gas City Expansion.
- New primary weapons: Karak, Penta, Cernos
- New secondary weapons: The Stug, Aklex, Magnus
- New melee weapons: The Magistar, Scoliac, Dual Kamas
- Burston Prime! The Void’s influence has further permeated the Orokin Derelicts… bringing loot with it! 

Visit The Orokin Derelict Survival missions today to find the Burston Prime!

- The Void’s influence is still strong on the Orokin Derelicts – and some Prime items have a new home. 

You can now search Orokin Derelict Defenses for the Sicarus Prime BP, Ember Prime BP, and Boar Prime Receiver!

- Forest Weapon Skin pack!
- Network optimizations for melee and beam weapons added!
- Players can now fully customize their controller layout.
- Trophies are now supported!

Edited On 24 Jan, 2014

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