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Xbox LIVE competitive pricing is planned, says Hryb

Microsoft's Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb or Major Nelson as we all know him, has said that the company has plans to make its Xbox LIVE prices more competitive.

Hyrb was speaking in response to users on Reddit, where complaints were raised when it was announced that anyone pre-ordering Titanfall in the US would receive a $10 pre-order discount. However, digital games cannot be pre-ordered via the Xbox One, meaning that anyone wanting the digital version will miss out.

"We are way aware of this and many of the concerns of the community" Hryb replied. "We have some great stuff planned for Xbox One this year (and beyond). As soon as we can share some of the goodness, we will."

Hryb was then asked if Microsoft's plans included competitive pricing for digital downloads to which he said. "It is indeed on the agenda."

Good news? We'd say so.

Edited On 24 Jan, 2014

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Aubsd's avatar
Aubsd 3 years ago
Prices need to come DOWN not just on GOLD but games too!

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