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Powerstar Golf title update detailed

Powerstar Golf has been updated on Xbox One and today developer Zoe Mode has released details of just what that update entails.

So let’s take a look at what has changed in the words of the developer.

New gear in the Store:

We’ve created 50 cool new gear items and added them to the store, so every time you buy a Gear Pack you’ve got a chance of getting these items! There are new woods, irons, wedges, putters and balls, 10 of which are Pro grade, 30 are Elite, and 10 are Extreme! Some belong to sets, with an associated Set Bonus if you equip them all, and every item has a unique combination of stats. They look very cool too (we particularly like the Great White Woods, Savage Beast Irons and Haunted Ball) so why not head to the Store and see what you can get?!

Increased credits payouts:

We’ve boosted the amount of credits you’ll earn in several places (hey, we like to be generous!) Firstly, when you replay a career event and achieve a goal you’ve already beaten, you’ll now earn credits for repeating that goal. We’ve also increased the amount of credits earned when playing Local Multiplayer, so you get more reward for the time invested. Finally, the prizes for beating a Rival are now calculated based on performance, so the better your opponent’s round, the greater the reward if you beat them!

New Rival notifications:

With playing against Rivals proving so popular, we’ve added new notifications that let you see the names of any players who have beaten your best rounds. You can view a list of these ‘Recent Rivals’ and immediately challenge their latest scores! Look for the notifications on the Welcome Back screen when you start the game.

Other improvements:

We’ve also added new cameras to show off more dramatic elements of gameplay, improved some character animations, and fixed a number of bugs to ensure that the gameplay experience is as smooth and stable as possible.

More updates are promised for the future.

Are you playing Powerstar Golf? What do you think of the game? Let us know below.

Edited On 27 Jan, 2014

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BENJAMIN 3 years ago
great game but the main thing that spoils it for me is the difficulty spike after the first 3 levels.... way to hard in the second half of the game... and some of the challenges are just damn near impossible... I suppose if you can put the hours in to really master it you might get along ok with it... but it is a great golf game...

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