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Batman : Arkham Origins DLC cancelled on Wii U

Warner Bros has decided that it won't be releasing downloadable content for the Wii U edition of Batman: Arkham Origins.

Nintendo has cited low demand for the downloadable content as the primary reason for calling off the content, meaning that those who have already bought the season pass will be getting a refund.

Here's a note found by GoNintendo:

"Thanks so much for your support of Batman: Arkham Origins on Wii U. We are contacting you today because you purchased the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass for Wii U. We hope you've been enjoying the content that has been delivered thus far. Based on demand for Downloadable Content on the system, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has made the decision to remove its offering of the upcoming new story campaign for Wii U.

"As a result, we will be crediting the entire $19.99+tax cost of the Season Pass back to your Nintendo eShop account. You will still be able to enjoy the content already released thus far.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support of the game.

Sincerely, Nintendo of America Inc."

Nintendo always seems to struggle when it comes to third party support on the Wii U, and it seems like things aren't getting any easier. Can Nintendo turn the Wii U's fortunes around?

Edited On 31 Jan, 2014

Sucks if you are into crappy overpriced DLC
Loli-Nox-Tan 11 months ago
Meh, DLC cancelled for crap game, couldn't care less.
Gloria 11 months ago
This has seriously pissed on my battery. I decide to try and support the Wii U by buying this on that system instead of my primary system (PS) and yet again I'm left disappointed! From now on all my Nintendo support will consist of is exclusives.
Burner 11 months ago
I'm all for supporting third parties on Wii U Burner, over half my Wii U games are third party, but at least buy a decent game from a publisher that's not so half hearted about releasing on Wii U. WB already showed they can't be trusted with Injustice.
Gloria 11 months ago
I don't know what to tell you Gloria. I love the Batman series although I will freely admit that Origins was the worst in the series but that's exactly why it needs new story dlc as badly as it does.
Burner 11 months ago
The Batman games are OK I suppose, played the first two, but there was too much open world padding for my liking, even in Asylum, I just did the stories over a weekend each time then got rid of them.
Gloria 11 months ago
Origins was broken though, they may have fixed it in patches but I have not been back to find out and have no desire to do it. The amount of times the game crashed so I had to do a hard reset or all the random little glitches was just stupid. I appreciate that its hard to get rid of all the glitches but with the crashing it should never have been released.
Zombieflamingo 11 months ago
I doubt they even bothered patching the Wii U version, they never did with Injustice despite saying they would.
Gloria 11 months ago
That annoys me when companies do that if its broke it is there responsibility to fix it.
Zombieflamingo 11 months ago
In a perfect world, poor sales because they gimped the game is all the excuse they need to avoid that responsibility though.
Gloria 11 months ago
This is the reason why I ended up getting a Xbox ONE. Not for no DLC on this game, but any game. You do not know which games will not get the DLC, but more likely will get it on Xbox or PS
superniceguy 11 months ago
Dragon Age Inquisition - PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
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