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Rambo dated for February 21

Rambo: The Video Game will be released on February 21 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game covers the events of the first three films, complete with grunts from the films Sylvester Stallone and the voice of Colonel Trautman's thanks to the developer being able to dip into the movies assets.

You can watch a video below before you pre-order.

Edited On 31 Jan, 2014

Looking forward to not getting this
jay.hamilton 11 months ago
If they have to use film footage to advertise the game then it really doesnt look promising.
Zombieflamingo 11 months ago
Did you see the in game footage they released the other week? If they used that for the trailer nobody would buy it.
Gloria 11 months ago
Yeah I searched for it on youtube, and it just looks terrible not even just the graphics everything about it.
Zombieflamingo 11 months ago
I liked how they transformed Stallone in to some sort of deformed inbred or something ;)
Gloria 11 months ago
can you imagine stallones face if he sees that trailer
jay.hamilton 11 months ago
What ever it is like, I am still getting it, although if there was rental services about I would probably rent it. Boomerang were pretty good until one got lost in the post, and gave me nothing to play for a whole month. I was on the unlimited 1 disc at a time package. They do not have an automatic process for lost / faulty discs like Blockbuster did and Lovefilm do, you have to contact CS after 7 days it has not arrived and currently they took 15 days to deal (when normally it is 24-48 hours) before sending out a lost in post claim form, and then took 3 days to post it out, and a few days to sign it return it and then finally deal with it. I am not going through that nightmare again so I have cancelled. So now I will buy, play quickly and then resell, like I did with Lost, the game of the TV show. Hopefully the one good thing about Rambo will be that it will have an easy 1000 Gamerscore like Lost did. Also games on old film seem to come out at the end of a consoles life, the PS2 had Home Alone and Beverly Hills Cop
superniceguy 11 months ago
Just an quick cash in. Shame it could of been really good if it had time put into it & have an better developer behind it also.
Akemi no Zero 11 months ago
Dragon Age Inquisition - PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
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