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ShopTo Gaming Podcast - Episode 13

It's time for the ShopTo Podcast Episode 13. This week's episode sees us talk all about the latest gaming news, which includes more on the reveal of the PS Vita slim for the UK, a whole load of Xbox One rumours and more.

We also compare Xbox LIVE to PlayStation Plus and discuss where Nintendo go next.

As always we'd love to know what you think, after all this is your podcast, so the more feedback and requests you provide the better.

If you subscribe to us via iTunes then we'd love it if you could leave us a review (especially if you love us :D ).

Listen to the podcast here:

You can also download the file by clicking the download button or by clicking here.

We are also on iTunes and you can subscribe here. (The latest episode sometimes takes a while to appear).

You can also check out our Podomatic site here which has even more options for getting hold of the podcast.

Our Podcast features @_wotta, @ColinCGallacher, @Magnapop78 and @JamesGrantham26. 
Follow us on twitter and send us your questions for the next episode.

Edited On 01 Feb, 2014

Skyrim Online? Free to Play? What the hell you talking about Joe?
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
Guess I was talking about Elder Scrolls Online. Tho that's not free to play. I've no idea, what episode was it lol :D Maybe I was having an funny moment hehe
Joe Anderson (Editor) 1 year ago
What about half the players in Titanfall being bots
jaijai 1 year ago
I personally think there is too much hype around Titanfall, although we are hopefully going to see it this week, so if we do then we'll discuss it in the podcast next week.
Joe Anderson (Editor) 1 year ago
The whole bots thing with Titanfall is for balance sake. They are going to MOBA route, Dota 2 or LoL wouldn't be as half as good if there were no Creeps and we just had a bunch of Heroes running about
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
im looking forward to seeing how the new reward system goes down , im a shop to loyal customer so ill always be a gold member, but im always having to ask for my reward points to be added for my purchases and even now i have no points for my last 2 purchases, so yeah looking forward to the new system
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
I'm a bit sceptical about the new system
Loli-Nox-Tan 1 year ago
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