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Turtle Beach XO4 and XO7 Headsets reduced; Atlus Titanfall headset also reduced

After a new headset? Then you may be pleased to know that we have reduced the price of the Turtle Beach XO4 and XO7, as well as the Atlus Titanfall headset.

The XO4 headset can now be purchased for £89.99, while the XO7 is available for £129.85, meanwhile the Turtle Beach Atlus Titanfall headset can now be pre-purchased for £119.86

You can order / pre-order all of the above headsets below.

Edited On 04 Feb, 2014

Not bad
Loli-Nox-Tan 10 months ago
Nox i think they look ugly but each to there own i suppose.
Akemi no Zero 10 months ago
Does anyone know if these will have surround sound or just be stereo? i would rather go for a pair with dolby surround.
THE WEV 9 months ago
@THE WEV, why don't you click on the Buy/Pre Order links above and check the description
RTLF 9 months ago
@RTLF i have, it says nothing about what the sound output is, wether is it stereo or surround. So quit trying to being such a smart ass and why not just give a straight answer as it was a genuine question. If you don't know the answer just keep you mouth shut yeah?!
THE WEV 9 months ago
After looking into it Wev just now it is only stereo but they do support surround sound that will be introduced later. There was more to it but thats the main part. Have the sevens on pre order.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
@Zombieflamingo. cheers for the heads up, yeah i read its more to do with microsofts end, like you say whenever they introduce it at a later date. Do you reckon the sevens will be the better ones to go for?
THE WEV 9 months ago
Looking into I fell the sevens are the better ones but I was tempted by the Titanfall ones but they are just the fours with fancier paint.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
Also just now the sevens come with a headset stand.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
Are these bad boys wireless?
slinky guy 9 months ago
Wire to the control but not to the console.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
Do I need an adapter? Because I don't think my Xbone came with one and plus do I need to update my controller?
slinky guy 9 months ago
Pretty sure they come with the required adapter as they licensed by microsoft to make them. Not sure about the update though but you would be as well just updating the controller anyway.
Zombieflamingo 9 months ago
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