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Burnout Crash is all about “Crashing”

Well who would have thought it, some new details obtained by Joystiq on Burnout Crash, reveal that the game is all about Crashing.

Last week, the unannounced “Burnout Crash” appeared on the Australian classification board’s site. Joystiq decided to try and find out a little more about this and have now been told Burnout Crash is “an action arcade style game set in the fictional world of Crash City. The aim of the game is to cause as much damage as possible to traffic and buildings by crashing a car into them.”

So it sounds like the whole point of this game is to cause as much havoc as possible while driving at speed through a busy city street, a bit like Burnout Paradise’s Showtime we guess.

If this is all that’s the game has in store, then expect it to arrive via XBLA and PSN sometime in the near future, although this is all speculation for now.

Edited On 13 Apr, 2011

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