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Destiny beta should arrive this summer

Bungie has confirmed that the Destiny beta will begin sometime in the summer.

Speaking during its latest investors call, President and CEO Eric Hishberg said, "Together, we are bringing gamers an ambitious and innovative game which combines the intensity of great first-person action, with the character investment and social connections of an RPG in an immense connected universe. We believe the game is on track to deliver record pre-orders for a new franchise, a public beta is planned for summer and we expect to launch the game on September 9. 

"We look forward to expanding this universe for years to come and you'll see much more in the months ahead."

The Destiny beta will be available first to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners.

Edited On 07 Feb, 2014

ive already registered my shop to beta code with bungie and registered an account, so i can no longer cancel my pre order now ive used the code, but i have faith that bungie have made an excellent game
jay.hamilton 10 months ago
Wait, when did the codes go out? I have the game pre-ordered and no code :O
Kaysar 10 months ago
go to your pre order list on shop to , click on destiny , there will be a bit saying activate your code, it then gives you the code but once you click on the activate code you have used a part of the game so you are committing to buying, the code can only be activated on bungies site, you create an account, link it with psn, live, facebook etc then enter your code, you then get told by bungie they will send you your beta download code when the time comes
jay.hamilton 10 months ago
Thank you, good sir. I shall get right on it.
Kaysar 10 months ago
your welcome
jay.hamilton 10 months ago
I'm looking forward to trying this out.
Old Timer 10 months ago
play Beta or wait it out until the games release? hmmm :/
D3mfsh 10 months ago
Dragon Age Inquisition - PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC
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