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Titanfall Preview

Late last week we were lucky enough to go hands on with the Titanfall Beta build, giving us a look at some early footage before the some lucky members of the general public get hands on later this week.

We've got plenty of thoughts on the game of course, but we won't write them here, instead we have put them in video, along with some exclusively recorded gameplay footage. 

Opinion and gameplay all in one place, aren't we nice?

Even better, you can pre-order below. 

Edited On 12 Feb, 2014

Looks immense! Doesn't look like it'll suffer from the reduced team size.
Dinosore 1 year ago
Looks awesome cant wait
jam201984 1 year ago
The main thing that puts me off of this from looking at the videos is that it just seems too fast paced, at my age I prefer the slower more tactical shooters. As my son said to me, he's a big Call of Duty fan and got to play it at E3, take away the mechs and you have Call of Duty set in a more futuristic setting which is not surprising as some of Titanfalls developers worked on previous COD titles.Not my cup of tea I'm afraid but totally understand why loads are hyped for it. I think I would have been more tempted if it had a campaign or at least some co-op type horde mode.
Old Timer 1 year ago
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