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Titanfall Beta code suggests that game includes 14 maps

It seems NeoGaf is first to the news again, this time with one of its members discovering 14 maps in the Titanfall beta code.

NeoGAF user RazorUK located the map strings in the data files. Those maps include the following:

- Angel City
- Colony
- Fracture
- Relic
- Airbase
- Boneyard
- Corporate
- Outpost 207
- Lagoon
- Rise
- Smugglers Cove
- Overlook
- Nexus
- O2

Apparently there is also a map called Training Ground which is used to train players entering the game for the first time.

Fracture and Angel City are featured in the beta, and so far have been received very well by participants for their vertical scale, detail, and reasonable size.

Of course there could still be more maps added since launch is still a few weeks away.

Game modes are also mentioned, although we are not sure how accurate these could be:

AT - Attrition (in Beta)
TDM - Team Deathmatch 
CTF - Capture the Flag 
LTS - Last Titan Standing
HP- Hardpoint Capture (in Beta)
VM - Variety Mode

Would you be happy with 14 maps in a multiplayer only game? Do you feel there is plenty of value for money here?

You can pre-order Titanfall below.

Edited On 17 Feb, 2014

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