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Titanfall artbook shows monsters, confirms some previously rumoured maps *update*

Update: It was highly unlikely that Levithan monsters would appear in the maps of Titanfall and now its been confirmed. 

Tim Turi of Game Informer confirmed via his twitter account that the monsters will not enter the map. So presumably they are there to add some decoration/character.

It seems people got very excited about this yesterday. They should perhaps calm down a bit now.

In other news, all 50 of Titanfall's Burn Cards have been compiled by fans. Titanfall’s Burn Cards are collectible after matches and offer players a one off perk.

Here's a list of the cards compiled so far

Titanfall Burn Cards

Bottomless Frags
Shock Rocks
(Amped Arc Mine)
(Amped Satchel Charge)
Amped RE-45
Amped P2011
(Amped B3 Wingman)
Amped Smart Pistol
(Amped C.A.R. SMG)
Amped R97
Amped EVA-8
Amped R-101C
(Amped Hemlok BF-R)
(Amped G2A4)
Amped LMG
Amped DMR
Amped Kraber
Amped Sidewinder
Amped Archer
Amped Mag Launcher
Amped Charge Rifle
Active Camo
Ghost Squad (Rare)
Prosthetic Legs
Smuggled Stimulant
Adrenaline Transfusion (Rare)
Spider Sense
Packet Sniffer
Aural Implant
Echo Vision (Rare)
Satellite Uplink
Map Hack (Rare)
Double Agent
WiFi Virus
Massive Payload
Super Charger
Spectre Camo (Rare)
Decisive Action
Pull Rank
Fast Learner
Thin The Ranks
Urban Renewal
Most Wanted List
Titan Salvage
Atlas Refurb (Rare)
Reserve Ogre (Rare)
Spare Stryder (Rare)

You can check out a gallery of the cards here.

Original: It's being suggested that monsters and some large wildlife could appear on one of the maps of Titanfall.

IGN got hold of the art book, which shows the back story of the game and also shows art concept for the wildlife and monsters. To be fair the website seems to be pretty much speculating that these creatures could appear in the background of one of the maps and indeed one of the pages of the artbook does show one in the background, while pilots can been seen fighting flying creatures.

The website also confirms that most of the previously leaked maps appear to be named in the book.

Finally, IGN says that the book also refers to some non-Titan vehicles like drones and tanks, which the site suggests could be related to the games burn cards.

What do you make of the above?

Edited On 19 Feb, 2014

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Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
It would be interesting to have the wildlife actually attack you if attacked first. The idea of the burn cards is a good one the fact that you only get one chance per card sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

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