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Vita Indie Mega Pack now available to pre-order

Love PS Vita or do you at least want some decent games to fall in love with? Then you may be interested to know that ShopTo is selling a 10 game indie pack for Sony's machine which comes packed with a 4GB memory card, for just £19.85.

Games included on the PS Vita Card are:

1. Alien Breed (Team 17) - PEGI 12 (metacritic 64)
2. Thomas Was Alone (Curve Studios) - PEGI 12 (metacritic 78)
3. Velocity Ultra (FuturLab) - PEGI 3 (metacritic 87)
4. Men's Room Mayhem (Ripstone) - PEGI 7 (metacritic 67)
5. Coconut Dodge Revitalised (Futurlab) - PEGI 3 (Games Master UK 76)
6. Limbo (Playdead) - PEGI 16 (metacritic 89)
7. Hotline Miami - PEGI 16 (metacritic 85)
8. Total Recoil (Eiconic Games) - PEGI 12 (NA)
9. Superfrog HD (Team 17) PEGI 3 (metacritic 55)
10. Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD (Dakko Dakko) - PEGI 3 (metacritic 77)

That sounds like a bit of a deal to us.

You can pre-order below.

Edited On 20 Feb, 2014

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Ryan.'s avatar
Ryan. 3 years ago
Already have most of them, really fun games. Hi Joe, When can I pre order Sly vita collection, god of war vita collection and borderlands 2 vita from shopto ?. Other retailers are already taking pre orders for them but I would prefer to pre order them from shopto : D, thanks. (Probably just need to wait a bit but thought it was worth checking)

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