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Scare your friends via Daylight Twitch live stream

This is a pretty great feature. Zombie Studios is allowing users to cue in-game events through Twitch chat in its new title, Daylight.

According example via Eurogamer, the game, which launches in April for £11.99 on PS4 and PC will allow someone watching a Daylight stream to type the word "meow" into the chat, which in turn will cause the game to make a corresponding sound of a cat. 

"So yes. You can literally scare your friends now by watching the stream," publisher Atlus said.

There are numerous words you'll be able to use to trigger sound events in-game, although Atuls adds that, "they're all on timers, so you can't spam" the player.

"We're not going to tell you the list of words. You're going to have to find them through experimentation," Atlus concluded.

Daylight uses RealD3D tech so it'll be fully 3D compatible. "Catching an overhead light flicker down an incredibly long corridor is one of the more chilling 3D applications... until you come across a spirit, that is." 

What do you think? Sounds pretty clever doesn't it?

Edited On 20 Feb, 2014

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lofty1234's avatar
lofty1234 3 years ago
Sounds really good. This is a real step forward for the interaction of gamers between each other in passive ways. Really interested to see this develop further in the future.

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