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Xbox LIVE to introduce beta test program for Xbox One system updates

Microsoft to introduce a new beta program for Xbox One that will let console owners test system updates prior to their official launch.

Xbox One's beta program kicks off today, Feb. 20, and Microsoft is inviting select Xbox Live members to "preview new features coming to Xbox One in a March system update and future system updates as they become available." If you have a chance of being selected you'll get a message through Xbox LIVE.

"Features that will not be enabled during the preview include party chat, party invites, party matchmaking and party visibility," says a note from the company. "Once the March system update becomes available to all consoles worldwide, new party features will function normally for all Xbox One users. If this is an issue, you should consider not signing up for this beta."

The February system update for Xbox One was released late last week.

Edited On 20 Feb, 2014

Is this a joke ???Looks like MS have no confidence in their box working after updates
jaijai 10 months ago
On an official PS3 update last year owners who had installed an unofficial HDD had their consoles bricked until another update was pushed through. I do not have confidence in any updates especially Sony after that, but I have not had any issues with Xbox updates, however I do not want to be part of a testing updates, and get my console bricked as a result.
superniceguy 10 months ago
It's not a joke, it's a beta. Which means test, it's better to have something tested 1st. When you buy a game on release day do you not think it's been tested? Even if u buy a tv, that is tested 1st. Read up on it. You might learn something. I own both next gen machines. Both have perks over the other, but xbox one is my fav
MrG 10 months ago
You do realise that it is quite a common thing to have people beta test updates, they done it on the 360 all the time, steam has it so you can opt in to betas and a lot of MMOs have public test servers where you can play with an earlier version of upcoming patches to test them out.
Zombieflamingo 10 months ago
LOL ,i do know what tests are for .My point is why do MS feel the need to make a big announcement .As people know everyone does it to get things working ok .But to make an announcement like this is laughable .Its not news worthy at all.
jaijai 10 months ago
I would hardly say they made a big announcement about it, its not that they get to decide what news everyone reports on. I see news reports about steams early beta access a lot especially with the new in house streaming they are doing so they are not the only one. Besides its not the first time they have done this they used to do it all the time on the 360 with the same sort of announcements. I get it you don't like microsoft and I am sure you would probably feel different if it was sony doing this.
Zombieflamingo 10 months ago
I could care less about any electronics company ,This isnt news ,with the delay in the update this is purely to get help for the updates so they work ,everyone does this but dosnt try to make it like its a chance to "preview new features" its a chance to fix all the bugs ,nothing more or less.
jaijai 10 months ago
I'm sorry I still do not see where you are coming from. The delayed update was brought out at the end of the week, this is a second update that was always scheduled for the beginning of March. It is not as though they are letting everyone in to test it all they are selecting specific members which I assume will be people who have signed up to previous betas on the 360. Maybe the using of the word "preview" is a strange one but it is no different from going into the beta section of steam where it says if you sign up you can try out game updates/ steam updates before their official release. Also the full part of the announcement they made which you quoted says "Beginning today, Xbox is inviting select Xbox Live members to preview new features coming to Xbox One in a March system update and future system updates as they become available, asking them to provide valuable feedback before the updates are implemented worldwide. Selected participants will receive an Xbox Live message with a token to register. The next system update will begin rolling out next week to those who will preview the new features. Once registered, participants will be able to test the early features included in the update and provide feedback on a private forum and can opt out of future waves." which sounds like any other beta message saying that the main purpose is to provide feedback so I do not see what the issue is. Also they had to do an announcement about it so people were not just randomly receiving messages and so they would know exactly what they are agreeing to.
Zombieflamingo 10 months ago
ZF, quote you've mentioned shows exactly why this situation is an absurd one. Any software/hardware company should have it's own testers - company's employees - that should do testing before release of a product, in this case - firmware update. Why the fuck customers should test uncomplete software risking their consoles? Testing is a job, profession even. M$ can't really expect that average customer can "provide valuable feedback". Betatesting of games usually done for the sake of testing net code or stress test of game servers. Bug in a game in worst case could reset your console. Bug in a firmware - could brick it...
Hymeleon 10 months ago
If you dont see where im coming from then i wont try anymor ,the poster above gets what im saying .Game betas are different thing altogether , MS make this sound like it something special ,when its not .It is what it is . . They are asking users to be software testers ,which in itself i have no issue with but as usual its dressed up to be somethingits not .This isnt a usual occurance for system updates .That said if it killed any systems MS would deffo give the users new ones
jaijai 10 months ago
Customers testing updates is a good thing, if they are willing, as it makes sure a wide range of scenarios were tested before release. If Sony let some of their customers test that update last year, then they would have spotted that the update bricked consoles, but as they no doubt tested it on PS3s with official Sony HDDs they never spotted that issue until after it was released and the customers installed it. Testing these updates is probably not ideal for the average customer, with one console, but if you are loyal and have several consoles, then could use one for the testing process, and I am sure if the update bricks the console then a new update will fix it as it did with the PS3s last year, but if not, I am sure Microsoft (or Sony if they do this) would replace the console free of charge.
superniceguy 10 months ago
This is the issue of last year: which may have been prevented if they allowed customers to test the update. An ideal situation for being a tester is if the console became faulty like not able to read discs (Shopto was selling some faulty PS3s last year too from about £40) and you bought a new one as a replacement. You could use the faulty one to test the update, and if the update totally broke the console then they may give you a fully working one.
superniceguy 10 months ago
I think its best to just agree to disagree on this one then. They have done it previously for all the bigger updates which I assume is what they see it as opposed to the smaller ones like the one that came out the other week. I did get an invite to it but I am not really interested in testing it with all the issues that will come with it as well. I get that some people will look it as a chance to get some new features early but you get that all the time with beta's as opposed to actually testing it. If they were charging for it or anything like that then I would completely agree with you.
Zombieflamingo 10 months ago
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