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Titanfall to include Generations option?

It's being claimed that Titanfall will have a new option known as Generations, which is you read into it a little more sounds exactly like the Prestige option from Call of Duty.

According to reports stemming from where else but Neogaf,  a version of the classic prestige mode from Call of Duty has been discovered in Titanfall, but rebranded as “Generations”. 

It seems that, as your pilot reaches the maximum level of 50, if you choose, you'll be able to regenerate into a new body which will make him “better, sharper and allow his to acquire experience even faster than before." In order to do so, you will have to reset of all your unlocks, challenges, and your rank."

There are apparently 10 generations to work through, each with their own image, which no doubt represent the fact that your character has respawned.

What do you think of this news?

Edited On 21 Feb, 2014

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Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Unsurprising, it's made by the same people, has almost the exact same gameplay. It's harder to find differences to CoD than it is similarities.
milky_08's avatar
milky_08 3 years ago
@Gloria Yer its really hard to spot the difference between Titanfall and Cod, if someone sat me in a room with both I wouldn't be able to spot the difference! I mean someone mentioned something about a giant playable mech or something and some kind of Wall running but I don't think they ever made it into the game, at least I've seen no mention of them.
Sierra B293's avatar
Sierra B293 3 years ago
I am sensing some heavy sarcasm milky? Lol Anyway not sure I'm keen on this idea... I was never a fan of CoD, but I am super excited for Titanfall.
SpectreArterius's avatar
SpectreArterius 3 years ago
Cool, I'm glad that we will be getting at least something for spending hours online. I also wondered if we will have cool colored Mechs, designs, insignia's etc. Looks like we will get a good custom something for our mech whatever that may be. And yeah Gloria I've played COD for years just like the majority of Xbox gamers, I have played the BETA for Titanfall non stop since it's been out....they are so far apart in gameplay and design I have no idea why you are comparing them. They are two totally different games regardless of their creators.
ASC's avatar
ASC 3 years ago
Titanfall and Cod get compared because they have the same compatibly light gunplay with low recoil and few reasons not to run around at high speed shooting anything that moves. The reason Titanfall stands out is of course the titans, but also the larger map filled out with AI targets, and much more verticality with the jump/wallrun mechanics and multi floor buildings with lots of openings adding extra layers of depth.

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