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I love gaming, along with my family it consumes my life. I'm lucky enough to work in an industry that I love, It's an industry which is closely knit and one of the friendliest places to be. I'm lucky that gaming is my passion, but I'm not the only one for which this is true. There are millions of people in the world for which gaming is a way of life and despite all the apparent hate and fan boy rage, gaming brings people together like no other medium.

The PS4 will launch in Japan tomorrow and this got me thinking, why do we not celebrate gaming more? There are thousands of people highly anticipating the launch of the PS4 in the Far East, just like we anticipated its launch and the launch of the Xbox One just a few short months ago. We all have this one great thing in common, we all love gaming. And no matter whether you play on PC, Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation this one thing that unites us all. It's amazing to think that people consider gaming a lonely place. Negative Newspaper reports always talk of people being confined alone in their room, with no friends to a call their own. But combined with a healthy, active lifestyle, there isn't a more social place to be. Where else can you go online and instantly chat to millions of likeminded people. Sure there are always bad apples, but the majority of the time you are greeted with friendly gamers who are there for the same purpose as you.

Already there are perfect strangers lining the streets of Japan to wait on their PS4 console. They probably don't know each other but you can bet that they are already making friends. The same can be said of the many launch events and conventions which take place all over the world, where you turn up, play games and make friends for life. Sure social media and forums can paint a bleak picture with their sheer amount of negativity but all these people have one thing in common, a passions for gaming. So is it not about time that we celebrated that?

A quick search on google show just how much gaming can unite people. You'll make friends for life, people have even fallen in love and got married. Sure the latter is probably rare, but it happens and it wouldn't have done so without gaming. But it's about more than friendship and marriage. Gaming can also improve the quality of your own life. How often have you felt down only to play a game and suddenly feel a little happier. How often have you played a game and come away feeling blown away by the experience? When playing games I've felt a whole range of emotions, such as when The Last of Us had me in tears, or the sheer joy I felt at completing Darksiders, which was only furthered by watching THAT ending. 

I've gotten plenty of joy out of gaming over the year thanks to the creative minds of those who bring us these experiences. Thanks not only to the likes of EA, Sony, Microsoft and other other publisher and developers, but also the individuals indie's out there who bring us unique experiences which often leave you in awe. Whether 'AAA' or indie, these people are an inspiration to us all. Their creativity fuels us and brings us together. We are a unique community, brought together by their talents. 

Like others, gaming runs through my memory as far as I can think back. I remember the first time I played Pong. I also fondly remember playing Football Manager 3, Paperboy, R-type, X-Wing, Dune and more, meeting new friends along the way as I discussed these games with likeminded individuals. Throughout my life gaming has always united me with people and I'm sure other people have similar memories and most likely plenty of stories to tell.

Millions of people throughout the world love gaming, it's a big part of their life, and will no doubt be a big part of other people's life as it continues to evolve and spread its wonderful experience everywhere. Sometimes it's just nice to appreciate what you've got instead of being so negative about it all of the time. So for once why don't we sit back and think why gaming is so important to us. #ILoveGaming, do you?

Edited On 21 Feb, 2014

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Darkassassin 1 year ago
i would be lost with out games to play , all started with mario on the NES and alex the kid on the master system been there all through the years from the good to the bad (sega saturn). gaming will only get better in the future and i will stay for many years to come , its a great time to be a gamer!
jay.hamilton 1 year ago
first console was the snes when i was 10 with mario world, looney tunes then I borrowed killer instinct gold without my mum knowin, I picked up a mega drive few years later to try sonic etc, then i got the n64 with lylat wars and mario 64, then got a ps1 and started resident evil and silent hill, hardcore gamer days began, then got a ps2 and xbox around the same time as i was in college and had a PT job, then onto xbox 360, then ps3, and most recent ps4, so been a gamer most of my life
JoeToots 1 year ago
i hate them.
RTLF 1 year ago
The Saturn did flop but it wasn't all bad, some of my favourite ever games were on the Saturn and I really enjoyed it when I chipped it and starting getting imported games. Off the top of my head: Guardian Heroes, Radiant Silvergun, Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Saga/RPG, Burning Rangers, Nights, Fighters Megamix, Xmen Vs SF, KOF 97, Sega Rally, Athlete Kings, Die Hard Arcade, Shining Force III and Dragon Force :)
Gloria 1 year ago
I love gaming, been playing since the beginning, started with one of them black and white Binatone pongalike jobbies before getting a ZX81 then Commodore 64, and discovering my local arcade and a certain great ape. Been with Nintendo since and dabbled with Sega, Playstation and Xbox, and will be carrying on playing till I'm dead and buried.
Cheeky Monkey 1 year ago
Wow Gloria, you must be older than I imagined. Maybe even older than Bruce Forsyth, although I didn't think that was even possible! :)
RollnRock 1 year ago
#ILOVEGAMING I fricking love gaming as well.. It's one of my biggest passions. The other one is guitar.. Gaming and guitar the 2 greatest things in the whole damn wide world imo. I am gonna be a gamer and a guitarist till the very day I die, and I am fucking super proud of being passionate about these things! Goddamn I love gaming! :) I love it so much that it almost seems insulting to me if somebody says to me that its just a "hobby".Sure, it could be a "hobby" to someone else but for me, it is fricking "PASSION". lol. Great article btw, always nice to hear from my fellow gaming brothers.. Good stuff! :D
Gloria 1 year ago
Living up to your name Cheeky Monkey? How would you like a clip round the ear? ;)
JoeToots 1 year ago
Darkassassin 1 year ago
must be old as well i remember playing Zool on the amiga and having a zx spectrum with games on those square floppy disc things lol
JoeToots 1 year ago
Yeah but Gloria is a old enough to be my grandma.
Gloria 1 year ago
Must have been one of the older models of Spectrum , last I heard they only had these crappy microdrive tape things. That's right Tootell, I'm a couple of teen pregnancies older than you.

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