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ShopTo Gaming Podcast - Episode 16

It's time for the ShopTo Podcast Episode 16. This week's episode sees us talk all about the latest gaming news, which includes discussion of releases dates for Mario Kart 8, Sony's 5.3 million PS4 sales and more

We also talk about Titanfall again since we have now all had time to play it.

As always we'd love to know what you think, after all this is your podcast, so the more feedback and requests you provide the better.

If you subscribe to us via iTunes then we'd love it if you could leave us a review (especially if you love us :D ).

Listen to the podcast here:

You can also download the file by clicking the download button or by clicking here.

We are also on iTunes and you can subscribe here. (The latest episode sometimes takes a while to appear).

You can also check out our Podomatic site here which has even more options for getting hold of the podcast.

Our Podcast features @_wotta, @ColinCGallacher, @Magnapop78 and @JamesGrantham26. 

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Edited On 21 Feb, 2014

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