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Ground Zeroes now only £23.86

ShopTo is pleased to announce that we have now dropped the price of Metal Gear Ground Zeroes from £32.85 to £23.86.

This is great value for a game already riding high in our pre-order chart.

What do you think? Does £23.86 sound good to you? If so then make sure you pre-order below.

Remember, if you've already pre-ordered then the new price will also apply to you.

Edited On 24 Feb, 2014

( 14 )
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
Still a bit much for a 90 minute story.
Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
It's better than what it was but I know what you mean. Just depends if there is a lot of replayability.
Anonymous user's avatar
HELAL 3 years ago
Great price - made me cancel my pre-order from another major online retailer (even though I had gift vouchers to pay for it!).
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 3 years ago
Considering a 2 hour worth of the main story is only 9%, I'd say that it is worth the price drop.
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 3 years ago
I might opt for it at this price but only 2 hours is pretty bad. On other news, anyone seen this video about ShopTo? Jammy Git! http://youtu.be/4QjYxXuZxuw
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 3 years ago
£22.66 (for Gold Members) is a great price. Now drop the price of the PS3 version since I don't have the other consoles
Beazi's avatar
Beazi 3 years ago
I only have a PS3 at the moment too. My gaming has slowed up tenfold