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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes early adopters get Phantom Pain DLC

Konami has announced that buying Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will gain you access to DLC which you can use in MGS: Phantom Pain at launch.

The DLC grants you additional resources in your Mother Base to "give you an edge." Apparently this offer only applies to the first-run retail copies and for a limited time digitally. If you buy Ground Zeroes at any point, you'll get extra "prisoners of war and VIPs," which will be added to the Mother Base.

Konami has also revealed that it'll release a "second screen experience," involving an iDROID App, which functions as Big Boss' in-game communicator and map. This will be availableon Android, iOS, and Xbox Smart Glass, and it'll allow you to summon air support, play cassette tapes, or view the in-game map.

You can buy MGS: Ground Zeroes from ShopTo for just £23.86.

Edited On 25 Feb, 2014

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DARREN 3 years ago
What about using the Vita for second screen?
user1337's avatar
user1337 3 years ago
Will pre-ordering from shopto ensure this DLC? :)
Anonymous user's avatar
Ashley 3 years ago
user1337 yes, it should. i think i will be pre-ordering this game, a word to the wise though, apparently the main story on this game is 2+ hours, but there are loads of sidequests, and after someone completed the main story, apparently they only had 9% completed, so keep that in mind.

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