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Wii U system update 4.03 released

Nintendo has released Wii U system update 4.0.3, bringing improvements to system stability.

Patch notes suggest that the update also brings “other minor adjustments to enhance the user’s experience,” although no specifics given.

Have you downloaded this update? Did you notice any other changes? Let us know below.

Edited On 26 Feb, 2014

Not noticed any changes, don't know if I've downloaded it or not as the Wii U downloads updates in sleep mode.
Gloria 1 year ago
Wii U master race.
JoeToots 1 year ago
@gloria: I'm sure that you still have to install the update from the downloads page. The Wii U only downloads it, at least I think that's what happens on mine.
MrPenguinKnight 1 year ago
Not sure about system updates Kieran, but software updates are downloaded and installed automatically, I'll check it later.
Gloria 1 year ago
You were right, didn't install automatically, was all downloaded and ready to install when I turned on though, and the install only took about 10 seconds. Not noticing any difference though.
Gloria 1 year ago
What were you expecting? You can't polish a turd :P
RTLF 1 year ago
Tell that to MS.
Gloria 1 year ago
mortal kombat
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