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Titanfall vidoc discusses how 'Titans' were created

EA has released a new vidoc in which the developers at Respawn Entertainment discuss how Titan's came about.

You can watch the video below and get behind the scenes and into the minds of the developers.

Pre-order Titanfall below.

Edited On 26 Feb, 2014

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Aidan 1 year ago
Why is the download version £10 more? surely it's just an email code you send and cost YOU less to buy rather than something actually physical, it's £35 for Physical and Digital on Amazon so I find that a bit strange. It's not using any of your packaging materials, nor any of your staff so really, it doesn't make sense. I wanted to get it from here being as I've got a bit of credit on my account, but to save £8? Amazon it is, if the price is adjusted I'll get it from here though
Danny_936 1 year ago
@Aidan even cheaper hen amazon
ASC 1 year ago
Price difference is between what the digital code provider prices their product as, and the price ShopTo get when they buy the physical stock. I don't think there is much difference in profit margin for them.
Aidan 1 year ago
That's funny, so the ebay seller is making a loss, or just breaking even? I'd like to know the numbers behind this, like how much a retailer buys games for and how much they sell them for... Anyway, i hope the price is adjusted but maybe another game will be getting the discount instead. Ebay it is :p

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