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Xbox One system update rolling out for previewers

Are you signed up to the Xbox One program to access the latest Firmware early? If so then you may want to check if you are able to download the March update as it is going live today.

Users are already reporting that the update is rolling out, although it doesn't seem to have come through to our own system as yet.

Those who do have the update report that:

- You can update your controller through USB
- You now have an option under Kinect that says ” Turn hand cursor off while watching video
- Tutorials about gestures and voice commands are in the settings menu
- There is a new 'show all other notifications' option under Notifications
- Optical and HDMI audio settings have an option for “Bitstream Out” option between DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital
- Friends App is much improved. Can see online friends first, recent players and a Favorites option.
- 'Xbox Broadcast' now works as an option, although streaming in not yet live.
- Twitch is integrated with the dashboard, therefore from the home screen it says how many friends are broadcasting; In addition it alternates between how many friends and favourites are online.
- 50hz broadcasting has apparently been fixed for Europe.

So what do you think of the latest update? It hardly sounds anything groundbreaking, in fact it mostly sounds like things that should have been there in the first place. But still, the new options are nice to have, don't you think?

Edited On 26 Feb, 2014

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Kristoff's avatar
Kristoff 3 years ago
Psssst, you listed disable hand gestures on vidoes twice... Big thing for Europe option to watch TV at 50hz and works perfectly. Not ground breaking, but massive great strides.
WBA Baracus's avatar
WBA Baracus 3 years ago
I got selected for the preview program (for whatever reason) so looking forward to seeing what they add over the year. They inferred it might be one update a month. Still not got this new version (xb_rel_1403) pushed to my Xbone yet, maybe tonight. Optimistically, hoping it will provide a fix for my issue with SkyTV box plugged into Xbox, where if I switch from a HD channel to SD I lose the picture (black screen) for about 10 seconds before it comes back. Microsoft helpline couldn't solve it last month.

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