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PayDay 2 Death Wish Update arrives today

Launching later today, Thursday 27th Feb, on Steam is The Death Wish Update, the second late-game update for Payday 2. 

This latest update allows players to explore the new Death Wish difficulty and introduces two new enemy types, four new masks, brand new melee weapon and a whopping 35 new achievements to unlock.

Here's some details:

- Death Wish difficulty level can be applied every heist available to date. No one knows how Death Wish difficulty alters a heist – bridges that were whole could now destroyed, skylights could have appeared in buildings roofs and if I were you I'd be careful not to use the wrong ingredients while cooking meth...

- Two new enemy types – Two new enemy types have been added to the game; the GENSEC Elite SWAT's and the haunting, LMG-wielding Elite Bulldozer!

- A free melee weapon – Still not difficult enough? Have a pair of Brass Knuckles on the house and make it a real challenge. The “350K” brass knuckles packs the punch of 350,000 community members (the 3rd largest community on Steam!).

- 35 new achievements to unlock – Players will have a whopping 35 new difficulty related achievements to unlock.

This update is completely free to existing Payday 2 owners and in addition, the developer is offering 50% off on all PAYDAY 2 DLC during the launch weekend of the Death Wish update (28th Feb – 2nd March).

Edited On 27 Feb, 2014

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