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Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate coming to PS4 and PS Vita

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is coming to PS4 and PS Vita this Summer.

The game, which was previously on PS3, will come with updated visuals, a redesigned ship, a frame rate of 60 FPS on PS4, New environments, a new hud, cross-save and cross-play and a new scoring system.

"When we were trying to decide what a PS4 version of Shooter should look like, we knew that it needed to remain true to that classic, razorsharp, vector-based aesthetic — which continually threw new ideas at the player, while still being able to stand besides modern PS4 games." said developer Double Eleven on the PS Blog

"From a gameplay perspective, we wanted to make combat more intense, engaging, and overall provide for a more rewarding experience. So, we decided to introduce real-time environment lighting, along with a host of new visual FX for things like projectiles, explosions, thrusters and more. And it didn’t stop there — we’ve also worked on making the fluids look even better by increasing the resolution of the particles, improving shaders, and adding anti-aliasing to the edges of the fluids. We’ve also revisited the colour palette, and colour grading has been added to every scene, which hopefully makes it look and feel more immersive."

In addition, a new 3D ship which allows for "aeronautical manoeuvring" that gives better visual feedback has also been introduced.

Add this to the 60 Frames-per-second on PS4, new environments on PS Vita, the new Hud and scoring system and this should certainly be one to watch out for.

Edited On 05 Mar, 2014

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