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Wednesday Chat, March 12, 2014

Games are expensive, so many people rely on reviews and word of mouth in order to find the next big thing, while others find a series/developer that they like and stick to it. Which of these apply to you?

Also, given the above, have you ever been met with buyers remorse? Have you ever got caught up in the hype of a game or purchased a game based on a review and instantly regretted it? If so what games have let you down?

Let's Chat!

Edited On 12 Mar, 2014

I just go with whatever looks good. Gave up on hype, especially for big budget AAA titles a long time ago. Buyer's Remorse. Last of Us. Was pretty much the last straw on trusting reviewers and not my own gut.
Robichoico 1 year ago
If there is a game I'm particularly interested in, e.g. Destiny, I tend to watch the game through development. I don't go by hype anymore, especially after being burnt by A:CM. In terms of cost, I don't think games are (what I would call) expensive, when you consider what they cost to make
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
Oh god.... Aliens: Colonial Marines.... The Vids looked great and it had a lot of hype. We should have been able to get an automatic refund for it, even the collectors edition was rubbish, the model was poorly painted too.
Pyroloveridge 1 year ago
I still have my Aliens Powerloader model ... lol
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
It's the only 360 game i have demoted to the loft, box model and all; I just want to forget!
Pyroloveridge 1 year ago
I don't trust in hype and trailers so much. I usually go for game series that I like, or I wait for reviews. If I have the oppurtunity to try a game it is even better. Regarding preorders, I preorder a game (or buy it at launch) only if I am sure that it is absolutely worth it. For most of the games I wait for them to go on sale.
ZdravkoN 1 year ago
I must admit Pyro, when I first heard about Alien: Isolation I just thought, God no! (I know it's a completely different studio), but I am slowly coming around to it the more I see. It's still not on my must-have list though
Dave 'BubbaJai' Aston 1 year ago
Don't put much stock in reviews, just go with my gut these days, and not been burned in a good while, even Aliens wasn't that bad, there were certainly worse games last year that got better reviews, like Metro Last Light.
Gloria 1 year ago
I usually preorder games from developers and series like and then pick up any games on the cheap, that I thought looked interesting, that I missed out on the first time, usually because it released in the same month as something else. I have a 1 game per month policy. The most recent game that I picked up on the cheap and loved was Inazuma Eleven. Buyer's Remorse: MoH: Warfighter (the less said about that the better)
MrPenguinKnight 1 year ago
Preorder pretty much everything i want. A few things i miss the first time round ill pick up when i get reminded of the game (tomb raider for example, snapped it up in the happy hour sale for my X1). Big things for me next, titanfall, MGS5GZ.
Im Going Space 1 year ago
Call of Duty Moderne Warfare 3 - Never play the crap
Artemisthemp 1 year ago
I used to buy games at full cost on day one, pretty clued up on what should be playable and generally good game. but now with ps4/ Xbox one charging £54.00 for games is ridiculous. £35 is about for any new releas game. I don't get why they are more expensive then xbox 360 / ps3 versions. An example of this was tomb raider. £16 on Xbox 360 and £49.99 on xboxone. For sligthtly prettier graphics ?? and I shouldn't really say this but canceled shopto orders cos found it cheaper elsewhere. Yes I admit. Shopto hands down best for delivery but certainly not cheapest in town. And this is now important when games are over £40+ didn't mind before. Reviews can be important. But if there's a franchise I've liked I tend to buy it regardless. Those games that I'm not overfamiliar with will get a review check on ign. Don't always agree with the review scores. But I guess we all see different things in games.
superdazzio 1 year ago
Yeah i got caught up in the hype with south park and i found it just boring when i played it so now i will be making sure i will like the games in the future by seeing game play vids a bit , @JOE should have BF4 today if you want a few games tonight
Dark572Assassin 1 year ago
screw reviews and just buy games because they look good or seem kinda cool and if the shit then simply re sell them, personally i don't think gamer's are expensive as so many of them are cheap scapes waiting on deals and sales to play there Favorite franchises.
Danny_936 1 year ago
Finally someone that agrees about the Last of us, it wasn't a bad game but it was far too overhyped for what it was. I think the majority of people were burned by Aliens : CM
Zombieflamingo 1 year ago
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