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Family Gamer - LEGO The Movie Videogame Review

We are trying out different ideas with videos at the moment and the latest sees us think of families as we provide you with reviews of games by a family for families.

Often family games are reviewed by journalists and since the game is not really aimed at their age range, it can be difficult to get a genuine idea if these games are suitable for children or not, especially if they don't have any children of their own. So I though, why not ask the children? 

The first video review is for LEGO The Movie The Videogame, which has been completed by my family. 

Check out below to see if my children think you should buy this game for your household.

Edited On 17 Mar, 2014

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jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 3 years ago
watch out Joe you may get replaced, quite nice , my kids love playing the game together too, ive got lego the hobbit pre ordered and ready for them too

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