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PVZ: Garden Warfare to get free update tomorrow

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: Garden Variety has been announced as the first DLC for PopCap's multiplayer madcap third-person shooter on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

According to Polygon, The new DLC will be released tomorrow as a mandatory update and adds Chomp Town, a small 8v8 urban map. Chomp Town includes multi-level restaurants and shops, as well as graffiti-sprayed back alleys.

The map has been designed around a new mode called Gnome Bomb which has each side try to secure a bomb (strapped to the back of a gnome) and detonate the device at bases. You'll also be able to play other modes in Chomp Town, including Team Vanquish.

In addition to the above, new powers will also be available to all classes. Each class gets three new powers, which are generally more intense versions of their standard abilities. 

"This DLC offers a lot of new gameplay," said Lindley. "These layers affect teamplay and strategy while giving players tons of new ways to customise their characters."

What do you think? Sounds little a pretty decent free update.

Edited On 17 Mar, 2014

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Zombieflamingo's avatar
Zombieflamingo 3 years ago
Really good amount of stuff for free.
Anonymous user's avatar
Michael 3 years ago
Thats a brilliant amount of free stuff for an awesome game! I got this for the 360 yesterday, and are loving it!
Anonymous user's avatar
Chris 3 years ago
Just for the record... i think pvz is better than titanfall!
MrG's avatar
MrG 3 years ago
It's a great game and the free stuff is very good, but please fix the servers! In my opinion titanfall is better that garden warfare. But both are very playable and very different. I love the horde style mode. Hope you all have a great week! 3 great games out Fri, who is buying what? Ninja gaiden most likely for me, but waiting on reviews. May get second son instead
alanlacey's avatar
alanlacey 3 years ago
PVZ is by far my most played XboxOne game to date - and the enjoyment is not wearing off any time soon. With all the free DLC to look forward to this is a great game! Much fun!

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