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PS4 firmware v1.62 released

Sony has released a new firmware update for PlayStation 4, although don't go expecting a huge array of changes.

According to Sony, all the 336mb does is "improve the operation quality of some PlayStation 4 software."

So there we go.

Edited On 18 Mar, 2014

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bimalhero's avatar
bimalhero 3 years ago
I hope it solves the issue where the disc gets rejected and refuses to take in any disc pretending to be ejecting all the time. Happened to me the other night and I freaked out as if I'd seen a ghost. I went noooooooooooooo my babyyyyyyyy... You can't be sickkkkkkkk........
Chrissay's avatar
Chrissay 3 years ago
@bimal, that happened to me too constantly for 2/3 hours despite turning off at the plug for an hour it still continued. Thankfully it only happened that one time, but still I thought it was broke but it's okay since
ade0410's avatar
ade0410 3 years ago
Remove the rubber piece that sits next to the eject button (on the side). Simply pulls out. Removing it fixed the eject problem for me and has been fine for the last month. Before that it was ejecting the disc everytime I turned it on!

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