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Sony VR: Project Morpheus introduced to developers and the world

Sony's latest innovation is a virtual reality headset for the PS4 by the name of Project Morpheus. 

The device has long been rumoured and although Sony are still trying to improve the tech, it says that it hopes to release the device for PS4 as soon as possible. 

“VR has been a dream of many gamers since the computer was invented. Many of us at PlayStation have dreamed of VR and what it could mean to the gaming community,” said Shuehei Yoshida as he unveiled the device. 

It is something Sony has actually been working on for years and at one point it even had a PlayStation Move strapped to the top of it, however as you can see from the picture above, it is now a little more familiar looking. 

Project Morpheus Specs

- Component: Processor unit, head-mounted unit
- Display Method: LCD - Panel Size: 5 inches
- Panel Resolution: 1920xRGBx1080 (960xRGBx1080 per eye)
- Field of View: 90 degrees - Tracking: 1000Hz; full 360 degrees rotation
- Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope
- Connection interface: HDMI + USB
- Function: 3D audio, Social Screen 

The VR headset works together with the camera, a standard controller and/or PlayStation Move and the reason it was revealed at GDC, rather than E3, is that they’re still looking for developers to get on board and therefore bring more and new innovation to the device.

“Interaction is what makes games games. PS Move is already a really good VR controller,” said Sony's innovative Tech Wizard Richard Marks, “we’re really happy with our positioning in control here.” 

Partners for the device already include the likes of Crytek and Epic Games, and even more surprisingly, CCP, who'll be bringing Eve: Valkyrie to Project Morpheus, despite it being co-published by Oculus on PC.

"We partnered with Oculus VR to bring EVE: Valkyrie exclusively to the Oculus Rift on PC and we are thrilled to be working with Sony to bring EVE: Valkyrie to the PS4 with Project Morpheus," a CCP spokesperson told Polygon of that news. 

Other games already teased include The Deep from Sony London Studio, Thief, The Castle from SCE and more. 

Anton Mikhailov, senior software engineer at Sony R&D said that its more that about games with Project Morpheus, but above how you experience these titles. 

“Emotion will be amplified – you have complete sensory blackout, That’s why we go to cinemas, where it’s dark and the sound’s great. You get a whole new palette of emotions you can work with – vertigo, claustrophobia, fear of the dark, fear of void and extreme horror.” 

Sony says that cost and weight are still to be decided as it’s still in the development stages, but it'll come in at a price point as “low as possible.” So what do you think? Could this be something that interests you?

Edited On 19 Mar, 2014

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MrPenguinKnight's avatar
MrPenguinKnight 3 years ago
This will come in at a £200 - £250 price point and will be shunned by the masses. Due to the small install base developers will leave the device alone and just concentrate on the living room experience. Whilst VR is the dream of gamers everywhere, it is just not practical and I'm not sure we'll see it fully realised in our lifetime :(
jay.hamilton's avatar
jay.hamilton 3 years ago
I hope they pull it off, couple of decent developers on board and it should take off, if oculus wasn't around then it would be hard but it is around so i have a feeling this could be massive if done just right, and if so ill be picking one up no matter what
Dead's avatar
Dead 3 years ago
The world isn't ready for VR yet, it's good they're working on it, but as a commercially viable product it's a long way off, maybe in 10-20 years it'll catch on.
JoeToots's avatar
JoeToots 3 years ago
naaa i'm still not into this..
Robichoico's avatar
Robichoico 3 years ago
No thanks Sony, after the way you handled the Move, 3D and the Vita I can't trust your attention span to be long enough to bother supporting this for long
jaijai's avatar
jaijai 3 years ago
Id need to see a decent list of games that support this before it launches to spend on it . Its a great thing but as said the worry is theres no decent support for it
nightchills's avatar
nightchills 3 years ago
Can I ask a question that I have always been afraid to ask. Does the VR give you depth perception within the game? I can see from the above they have shown the output for both eyes. Is it basically 1 image to the left and one to the right. ...a 3d effect? Stupid I know but I'm not up to speed on VR headsets.
-Shockle-'s avatar
-Shockle- 3 years ago
Yes its 3D, a separate image for each eye means it's 3D, the same image from slightly different angles. Someone said the worlds not ready for this, well i disagree, we were saying maybe in 10-20 years 20 years ago when we were treated to movies like lawnmower man, and every gamer including myself were wishing for the gaming industry to catch up. I think now is the time for VR tech and it can only get better as time goes on, this is something i will be picking up regardless

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