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Garden Warfare to be patched tonight

Popcap Games is to release a new patch for Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare tonight that will fix a selection of problems that have appeared since the launch of the most recent DLC.

"We now have fixes locally and are testing them. All goes well game should be running smooth on X1 tonight. X360 will take a bit longer," said PopCap’s Justin Wiebe via Twitter.

"Patch tests are good. We will be rolling out the patch to the servers tonight which will also restore previous economy and balance tuning."

Have you had any issues since the latest DLC was released?

Let us know.

Edited On 21 Mar, 2014

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alanlacey's avatar
alanlacey 3 years ago
Still having problems with the headset - which seems to turn off after playing the game for a short time. Popcap said they are aware of the issue but it wasn't working 10 mins ago. Also, when the garlic clove/other aerial unit is shot down, occasionaly the screen goes clear or plain background and I have to wait to fill aerial unit bar and select it again before I can proceed (unless I get shot) - that's been an issue since day 1 of the game

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