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Rezzed developer sessions confirmed

Are you heading to this year's Rezzed conference in Birmingham? Then you might like to know the developer sessions which will be taking place at the show. 

Here they are.

Remember, all sessions will be live-streamed on the EGX Rezzed Twitch channel.

Friday March 28

1pm - DayZ (Dean Hall from Bohemia Interactive)
2pm - Volume (Mike Bithell)
3pm - The future of Company of Heroes 2 (Relic Entertainment)
4pm - Tango Fiesta (Spilt Milk Software)
5pm - Come meet ANGELINA, the AI that makes video games (Michael Cook)

Saturday March 29

1pm - Fear and horror in games (Dean Hall, Al Hope, Will Porter, Maciej Binkowski)
2pm - Dying Light (Maciej Binkowski from Techland)
3pm - Alien: Isolation (Al Hope, Gary Napper, Jon McKellan from Creative Assembly)
4pm - Dreamfall Chapters (Ragnar Tornquist from Red Thread Games)
5pm - Dean Hall live interview

Sunday March 30

1pm - Storytelling in games (Holly Gramazio, Ed Stern, Mike Bithell, Dean Hall)
2pm - Oh no! More zombies (developers of Project Zomboid and DayZ)
3pm - Eurogamer.net Podcast live recording!
4pm - The Creative Assembly Game Jam
5pm - Frozen Endzone (Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham from Mode 7 Games)

Sony will also have a few titles on its own to show.

EGX Rezzed takes place this Friday, March 28, and until Sunday, March 30 at The NEC in Birmingham.

Edited On 24 Mar, 2014

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